About Us

This is Tawsif Shah Mostafa. I own najarine as my personal blog where I work on my passions.

I was a student of engineering, so I had enough chance to learn to code. I ended up mastering my skills on Software and Web Development. Now I work as a Web Developer. I have 200+ happy clients for whom I have worked and they are now my permanent clients for whom I still work for.

When I first opened a website, nobody came to visit my website. Then i figured it out that being skilled only on Website Making was not enough. I needed traffic to my website. That is the time I came with the idea of marketing my own website.

Then I started to gather knowledge about various sectors of digital marketing and ended up making myself skilled on Search Engine Marketing and Content Marketing. Now I provide services like content creation and copywriting services with on page optimizations and different off page services like guest posting, outreach services, infographic creation services, and so on.

But what is the proof that I am good at these works? To prove myself worthy, I thought why don’t I write some articles with my skills that gets ranked on google that can at the same time make me some money while proves my skills?

So I started to attend on Amazon Associates Program, write reviews on products that I am passionate about. My hobbies include music, bikes, technology, business, photography, and travel. So I review amazon products that may make me an affiliate commission when somebody buys a thing from amazon by clicking my referral link. This commission does not include extra charge on products you buy with my link. According to our terms and conditions, privacy policy, refund policy, and disclaimer, this is totally legal. Amazon Associates Program terms and conditions say the same.