Blog and Content Creation Services in Dhaka

What We Do?

Fully Search Engine Optimized Premium Blog Writing and Content Creation Service

The Cheapest Way To Build an Amazing Blog Based Online Business.

Our Content Creation Services are Far Better than Others. Simple Math!

Flat Pricing @ $10.99 / 1000 Words

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What We Serve?

Informational Content Writing Service

Well researched informational article writing and blog writing service. High-quality, plagiarism-free, high-quality website article delivery.

Amazon -Associates Content Creation Service

Specialized amazon-associates friendly top-notch content creation services specially researched and written for your niche/authority websites. Plagiarism-free, professional quality, professional and corporate tone.

Product Review Writing Service

Product review and article writing on those products, as in, ThemeForest themes, Evanto-Market plugins review, Clickbank products etc. product writing and so on.

Things We are Good at

As we have our own blogs & online businesses, we know exactly what you want, even better than you!

As we have some really skilled freelance content creators, who know what they are doing, they are constantly updating their knowledge with the latest content creation services. They have years of experience writing for companies including Oxilab Development, Bitxoxo, Creative Brief,, and managed projects for International clients through the online marketplace (Fiverr, Freelancer, dotWriter & Guru). Here are some of our skills that we are good at:

  • Writing Product Descriptions/Reviews/Buying Guide (Amazon Review or AliExpress Dropshipping)
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Website Content Creation Services
  • Writing Promotional Emails
  • Copywriting Services
Our Skill Assessment
Writing Product Descriptions/Reviews/Buying Guide (Amazon Review or AliExpress Dropshipping) 90%
Blog Writing Services 70%
Website Content Creation Services 80%
Copywriting Services 60%
Writing Promotional Email Copies, Swipes & Ads Copies 75%

If you do not provide up with the keyword that you want your website ranked for, we resarch keyword properly for your business, well it might cost you a few extra bucks. Keyword researche is a very important iisue because there are millions of website out there who are trying to get ranked for a keyword.

If you do not research keywords with specific parameters like, Domain Authority, Trust Flow, External links on SERP, you will never get ranked. We do it manually without any keyword research tool, and we can provide proof that our method is working. We have invented a secret law to find good keywords.

We provide all the Long-Tail keyword with the focus keyword and maintain thge specific density for the Long-Tail Keywords also.

It helps yoy buy getting ranked for all those long-tail keyword alonbgside the main focus keyword.

We know exactly how to please google with advanced on-page strategies. We maintain exact quantity of keyword embeds for any article.

Very few content creators know how to maintain schema markup codes properly for those articles.

Schema is an important SEO ranking factors that google take very seriously, gooogle crawlers can hardly understand the web page and goes through a hard time to understand which is your phone number and which is a review aricle.

Google like those sites who makes it easy for them to crawl through by providing which field is which property, so schema markup is an important thing to maintain properly.

We know exactly how to please google with marking up the important fields easily. Thus they rank higher in the SERP’s.

Optimized Content Marketing Strategies Using SEM Best Practices

Our Team Creates Content that Performs Great on SERPs. We Don’t Always Write to Please Google

Old strategies that hired sales experts who try to cold call people and try to sell your things does not work anymore. By creating content on your niche and ranking it on google can help you easily sell your product and take you to a global enhancement. This is the latest Search Engine Marketing.

Our blog writing services are not only to make Google happy, but also to provide real value to your customers by educating them about the advantage of using your products and services. At the end of the day, that is the thing Google likes.

Put Your Business in Expert Hands

najarine Blogger is a totally managed, optimized and automated system to get your content created or your blog written with high-quality top notch contents. You no longer need to come up with keyphrase research, hired writers, and go through the structural editing process to get SEO friendly quality Content.

We created this awesome fully managed content creation services so that you can leave the whole thing to us and worry about anything at all!

Get Pro-Level Content to Fight Difficult Niches with Our Professional Team

Not all industries are easy to rank for on Google, some needs expert content writing services with extra care. With our professionals, getting matched with your business style and tone had never been so easy after our pro featured came into the market. We know SEO and SEM better than any other SEO Agency.

with najarine Pro, you get access to professional and expert niche writers who are hard to be hired and who work with our team. We consistently communicate with our clients and try to understand their problems, so that we can come up with exact customized solutions which can only help them and not anybody else.

We Not Only Create Content, But Also Design the Article Structure

Content writing services should follow the general practices, with our content creation and copywriting services, you will have the best researched and widely practiced article structural design, which goes like this:

  • Introduction
  • Problem Detection
  • List/Table
  • Description of the List/Table
  • Solutions
  • Conclusions

We provide high-quality content creation services for Content Marketing. It includes:

  • Keyphrase Research, Audit, and Analysis before jumping into content creation services
  • Website Architecture Optimization and SEO Friendly URL Structure
  • Content Management Strategy & Optimization
  • Infographic Creation