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A photo taken might not look the way it was intended to be. Images captured by a camera sometimes do not look that bright as the original scene. In order for the image to be eye catching and more interesting for various purposes, the image/photo is manipulated using digital techniques by a complete freelance graphic design service. Reasons for photo manipulation can be many; advertising, wedding photo album, model photo profile or portrait hanging. By using photo manipulation services, the photos can look more attractive and beautiful. The range of services included in photo manipulation is:

Face and Portrait image manipulation

Due to incorrect handling of the camera or bad lightening, faces look dull in photographs. Old photographs look faded and yellow. By using right kind of photo manipulation techniques, a photo can be improved upon by adding various effects to it. Skin tones can be improved, teeth whitened or braces removed, tattoos, wrinkles and scars can be removed and even head swapping can be done by freelance graphic design service. Old photo restoration is done to give the photo back its old charm. It would include removal of stains and other blemishes. Photos can be brightened or darkened. Colours and tones of the images can be faded or changed.

Body photo manipulation

Sometimes due to a particular posture, the body looks disproportionate in a photo. Through photo manipulation service the body size can be changed to look proportionate and attractive. The skin and lips can be made to look smoother. An ordinary, everyday photo can be touched up to look glamorous and stylish. The body image can be manipulated to make it look fuller. The body beautification techniques used in photo manipulation would make the photo look more beautiful.

Full photo manipulation

At times background images divert the viewer from the actual image. A branch coming in between takes the attention from the photo. All this can be rectified through background removal. In this way the whole focus in on the image only. Photo cropping is done to increase image composition. Desired part of the photo is cropped and the rest is discarded. The resolution of the image remains unaffected. Photo clipping is another way to clip the undesired portion of the photo so as to increase the focus on the actual image. Photos can be touched or enhanced in ways to make them look brighter and sharper. Normal images can be converted to high resolution (HD) images.

Adding effects to the image

Photographs can be manipulated to make them look coloured, black and white or grey by freelance graphic design service. A coloured photo can be manipulated to give it a vintage look. White balance correction is also done through photo manipulation techniques. The camera is unable to capture true colours of nature. How freelance graphic design service see things become different from how the camera captures them. A sky in a camera image can look white. Through white balance correction techniques photos are manipulated to make them look closer to what they actually are.

Any other graphic designing

Any other service that would require graphic designing is offered.

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