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Logos are an important symbol to create brand awareness. They are small, usually colourful and tell something about the brand they represent. Designing a custom logo that effectively creates awareness among people about the business they represent is important. Imbibing qualities of a business in a symbol requires certain amount of craftsmanship. Because they may be used on papers, cups, t-shirts, mobiles and computers they need to be designed carefully so that they remain properly visible on any medium they have been used. The custom logo design services offered would ensure that your logo is different, impactful and appealing.

Maintaining high resolution

Custom logo is used in a variety of places. They can be used on as small space as a pen or as large space as an advertisement board. The resolution of the logo should be such that it does not get distorted when its size is changed. A logo on the business website should not look blurry or indistinguishable. By designing high resolution logo the integrity of the logo is maintained thereby facilitating its use at multiple places without any problem.

We Ensure

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Creatively using colours

Logos are generally colourful. Because each colour symbolizes different things they need to be used wisely. Green colour generally deals with the environment sector or hospital industry. Using some other colour for such projects would not be meaningful. Black and white logos are also made but their percentage is less as compared to colourful logos. Though each colour signifies something different, colour interpretations change across boundaries. All these factors are kept in mind while designing a logo.

Designing impactful logos

Logo should be simple and memorable. Using too many colours can make the logo complex and difficult to understand. The colour scheme should be such that it looks impactful in black and white printing as well as colour printing. The logo should be original and impart the brand’s mission. The target audience should be kept in mind while designing a logo. Colourful logo looks good for children’s products but for financial institutions it is a bit too much. Logo should also be versatile so as to look good on magazine covers or postage stamp. An impactful logo is finally designed with all these qualities.

Our Packages

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Once the logo is complete all the source files related to the logo are delivered. The vector files (.AI files or adobe illustrator files) would be needed in case the logo is required to be printed (on cups, t-shirts). These files can be edited to make them small or large. They provide unlimited resolution. The pixel files would be needed in case the logo is opened on computers or mobiles. Pixel files can only be used as it is or reduced in size. Enlarging them would make the images blurry.
The final aim is to design a logo that is right for the business. It should look attractive and be relevant. It should satisfy all the requirements and provide 100% customer satisfaction. Designing such logo is achieved through regular review of the work-in-process, open communication and 24X7 support services. The final logo is unique, appropriate to the business it represents and of high quality.

We also provide –

– Source File Types
– PSD File [Photoshop File]
– AI File [Adobe Illustrator Vector File]

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