Web Design and Development Services

Web Design and Development Services

Website Maker

In this age of internet marketing, having a website for your business is no longer optional. A website opens the doors to a worldwide market. It makes your business known to a much larger customer base than before. For any website to be successful, it should be inviting, easy to navigate and contain useful information for the viewers. The various website design and development services offered here are which will help you as a complete website maker-

Website Maker - Beautiful and Responsive Website for Your Business

Website maker (we) develop websites with the end user in mind. They are designed in such a way so that they appear appealing to the viewer. They are made attractive enough for the viewer to not leave it. Another important aspect related to best website design is responsive designing. Today, more searches are done on mobiles and tablets than on desktop. The layout of the website is designed to fit into different resolution screens.

We will design and develop a fully responsive website as per your desire using the following languages and frameworks:HTMLCSSJavascriptPHPMySqlBootstrap

A user-friendly interface Developed by our skilled website makers

The website maker is developed to provide ease of use to the user. The interaction between the user and the website should be simple. It should be easy for the user to navigate the website and find information he/she needs with the help of website maker.

Regular reviews

The website is designed as per the requirements. Regular reviews are held so as to ensure that all the requirements are fulfilled. Any gaps found in the requirement and designs are filled leading to 100% customer satisfaction.

Maintaining a Stable and Scalable Backend

Backend is the database of the website. All the information related to the website is stored in it. Typically it would contain user information like login details etc. As the website grows successful, more and more users become its members. The database should be strong and stable enough to support a large user base.

Designing SEO Optimized Website

For any website to be successful it needs to be visible. People do not browse past the first two pages of any search engine query. In order for a website to have a good ranking in a search engine result set it needs to be optimized. We develop websites using search engine optimization techniques. Appropriate use of keywords in the website, mobile friendliness, upload speed, code optimization etc. are taken care of at the time of website development

Developing a Secure Content Management System

Internet is always hounded by security issues. Viruses and various other malware attack sites and make them inaccessible to users. Website development is done in such a way to protect the website from any cyber-attack.

Code and Image Optimization - Faster Loading Speed

Images are an important part of any website. But the images on the website should not be so heavy to make the website slow. If the user finds the website taking time to load, he/she would switch to other websites. Code and image optimization is done to make the website fast.

Plug-in Integration with Website

Websites require other functions related to search engines and social media. Plug-in is pre-developed software that provides such functions. We make sure that your website is integrated seamlessly with plug-ins to ensure smooth and successful functioning of the website

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