Facebook Tracking Your Every Move

Facebook, Google, and other sites offer their service for “free”. But if you think you will realize that you are the product that they are selling to others. Facebook also follows this procedure.

Recently, Facebook got two billion users. To hook that billion users they are offering a massive amount of free content and we are inhaling it like oxygen. To keep the users hooked to their programs, they owned Whatsapp and Instagram.

The more we use applications of Facebook, the more information they can collect on us. Facebook uses that data to bring advertisers on their site which puts money in their pocket. To only give ads do not increase the opportunity of interacting with them. So, to increase the chances of clicking the ads, Facebook is tracking every move of ours to predict which kind of ads we will see and click. This step is bringing Facebook a huge revenue. Facebook is placing us in little boxes which look like this.

Facebook can describe who you are, what are your interests, what you might like, the smartphone you use, what OS you are using, and even your political values. Based on what you do on the site or off the site, your account activity, your liked pages, your friends and how you interact with the ads.

The scary part is all of this data is public. People are sharing their personal information without even thinking twice. We fear the chance of getting hacked. Therefore, if the policies of online privacy don’t get revised then the chance of getting hacked will increase only. In addition, we have to be more careful sharing private information online.

You can check your ad profile page. First of all, click on ‘Your Information’ and another on ‘Your Categories’. First, you will see that they can describe you relatively accurate. If you think you don’t belong to a certain group, you can remove it. But don’t think that removing the groups will make your news feed free from ads rather It will make the ads more random. Due to this, the click ratio on the ads can decrease.

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