5.11 Rush 24 Review – A Mid Size Military Backpack – Is It Worth?

Are you looking for a military tactical backpack for hiking/camping/backpacking trip? Are you thinking about the famous company named 5.11 Tactical? In this in-depth 5.11 Rush 24 Review you will find detailed specifications of its features, including its accessories.

Do you love traveling? Alternatively, are you fond of adventures? Or are you a hiker?

If you are planning a hike or a trip, one of the essential things that you should carry with you is a backpack. Here I am going to discuss the best, most roomy, most affordable, and most durable bag.

That’s undoubtedly a 5.11 tactical rush 24 military tactical backpacks!

You will have space, quality, hydration, the right size, and the most reasonable price all in one with is an awesome product.

So, this military backpack is a necessary piece of gear for your trips whether you are going camping, a night stay at a hotel, a bonfire, or a trip to a mountainous region or a river or ocean. we strongly suggest this backpack. I myself, being a backpacker, has been it for years.

So, here is a 5.11 rush 24 backpack review for you.

Features of 5.11 Rush Backpack 24

The features of this backpack can be summarized as:

  • Roomy Main Compartment 20” H× 12.5” L ×8” D
  • Water Repellent Surface
  • Front pocket 12.5” ×11” ×2.”
  • Hydration Pocket 18” × 12.5” / 2 litres
  • Durable 1050 D nylon (Multicam 1000 D nylon)
  • Stuff-it pocket with integrated drawcord
  • Grab and go Handle
  • Zippered fleece-lined eyewear pocket
  • Three mesh admin compartments
  • Zippered side water bottle pocket
  • Hook and loop nametape and flag patches
  • Large Capacity 2275 cubic inch / 37 liters
  • Two external compression straps
  • Adjustable Sternum straps
  • Contoured yoke shoulder strap
  • Two drainage Grommets

Why is 5.11 Rush 24 Backpack Worthy?

This backpack is made of very high-quality material and wonderful design.

The top-quality nylon with firm stitching makes it very long-lasting and heavy-duty. You can use it for years, and it doesn’t wear out.

The surface is entirely water-resistant. With such high quality, this is unexpectedly cheap; that means you get the standard and affordability both in one bag.

The company named 5.11 Tactical sells large numbers of 5.11 backpack rush 24, and most of its buyers seem to be highly satisfied with the product as more than 90% of them rate it five stars.

Here are some features that make this backup the best to use:

The Dimensions

The multiple compartments in it provide sufficient space for material whether you are using it for some trip or as an everyday backpack.

The main compartment has a height of 20 inches, 12.5 inches in length, and a width of 8 inches while the is 12.5” × 11” × 2”. The hydration pocket is 18” × 25” which makes the overall room of 2275 cubic inches or 37 liters.

These dimensions give it a very right size to take with you. It isn’t enormous to carry and at the same time, has much capacity to accommodate all your items comfortably.

The Straps and Belts

The waist belt provides extra support.

The waist belt of the backpack is padded which keeps you comfortable throughout your journey.

The waist belt also keeps the backpack in one place while walking and distributes the weight. There is an adjustable waist belt so you can adjust it according to you. It also has a hip belt.

The backpack feels very light when you are wearing a hip belt, and your shoulder feels about 90% lighter as the hip muscles being strong can carry the weight more quickly than weak shoulder muscles. Just like the waist belt, the shoulder straps and hip belt are also padded making these soft, hence, easy to handle.


Multicam is a design given by the U.S army officially. It helps you to hide in every environment and every season. So, it works excellently, especially when you are going hunting, and I personally think that it adds style.

However, it’s also available in five other colors, and you may go for other ones. Besides the Multicam appearance, it’s available in black, grey, green, and flat dark earth. Amazon has all these colors available, so, you can select the one that suits you.

The Hydration Bladder

Undoubtedly many of you prefer to install a hydration pack or bladder than using a water bottle during your hike or journey.

Of course, this helps you to drink water yourself without accessing the bottle or asking your friend to help you out. As mentioned earlier, it has a hydration compartment, and you can add a hydration bladder to it. A variety of hydration bladders suit the hydration compartment. I am using this one, too.


As mentioned earlier, this awesome backpack has many compartments.

The main pocket has three mesh organizing pockets inside where you can keep accessories of small size.

The hydration compartment helps you keep walking. The sunglasses pocket with fleece keeps your spectacles in easy access.

There are storage compartments on both sides with zips and also large stuffed in a chamber with an integrated drawcord that gives adjustable storage.

It also has a zippered side water bottle pocket so that you can carry your water bottle easily. This backpack also has a hook, loop name tape, and flag patches.


The weight of this backpack is 1710 g. So, it doesn’t have any significant weight of its own, and whatever luggage you carry in it, its weight is significantly reduced by the hip belt and distributed by the shoulder and waist strap.


  • Durable and water repellent
  • High-quality material used
  • Large capacity and storage
  • Can be used as an everyday bag
  • Good support
  • Comfortable to carry


  • Doesn’t have a padded laptop sleeve, but a hydration pocket can be used to put a laptop

5.11 Rush 24 VS Maxpedition

Being an enthusiastic hiker, the backpack has always been a part of my life. I have been using both this bag as well as maxpedition. There is no doubt that both are great, but you should choose according to your requirements. I prefer 5.11 Rush backpack in terms of capacity, its size, the hydration compartment, and also the full range of color strikes, but I won’t suggest it to you if you are too short because the size and its dimensions may be too large for you.

We hope you find this 5.11 rush 24 backpack review helpful!

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