5.11 Rush 72 Tactical Military Assault Backpack Review

When you speak of rugged, multi-purpose backpacks, the 5.11 Rush 72 Tactical Military Assault backpack is a worthy mention. This backpack is expertly built for hiking and camping, and while there are many brands of military assault backpacks available on the market, this product holds its own as one of the best money can buy.

In this 5.11 Rush 72 backpack review, we will be looking at its many wonderful features and uses. The purpose of this review is to enlighten you on the features of this legendary 3-Day Assault Pack and help you make a decision on whether it suits your needs.

5.11 Tactical Rush 72 Review

Having conducted satisfactory and unbiased research, we were able to spot the best features this product possesses. However, no product is 100% perfect, so we also critically assessed its shortcomings.

With the help of this review, you can create a balance between its pros and cons, and determine if this product caters to your needs.

Basic Features

Built with a PUx2 coating, this backpack is water-resistant. It is also built with a 1050D nylon, making it the most durable in its class. The inside of the pocket flaps and pocket bags also have 210D 1181 PUx2 coating so you can be assured about the rest that all its contents will remain dry.

The backpack also features YKK nylon zippers that are tough and built for rigorous outdoor use. One amazing characteristic of these zippers is their flexibility. The compartments can be fully stuffed and stretched out without the zippers being damaged.

It has four compression straps (2 on either side). It is also available in the following colors

  • Flat dark earth
  • Sandstone
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Multicam
  • TAC OD

Design & Structure

This is the largest among the 3-range models. It is bigger than the Rush 12 and the Rush 24 backpacks. It is designed specifically for use in rugged terrains, and it is perfect for campers, survivalists, firefighters, law enforcement & military personnel.

The shoulder straps have an oval design, and it encompasses the neck and shoulder areas. The straps are on the sides of the backpack, and they effectively distribute the weight of the bag and its contents evenly across your shoulders and back. Be advised to carry the pack in the proper manner (both straps on both shoulders) to avoid a back or shoulder injury that may be caused by uneven weight distribution.

The top of the backpack is fitted with a carry-on handle, which makes lifting the bag easy and convenient. The shoulder straps are adjustable, thanks to the c-clips that let you make adjustments to suit varying heights and body sizes.

The backpack is also designed with rear closed-cell foam pads that provide the much-needed cushion against your back.

Main Compartment & Pockets

With a measurement of 2,894 cubic inches, the main compartment of the 5.11 Rush 72 has ample space for storing your gear. It also has a front pocket 15.5 x 11 x 2 inches, a hydration pocket 21 x 13.5 inches, and left & right side pockets 15.5 x 6 x 1.75 inches.

The fleece-lined pouch keeps your phones, tablets, and glasses safe and prevents them from being scratched or damaged. The rear hydration pocket is designed with ambidextrous tube openings and routing.

These pockets are designed to reduce friction as you move. The backpack also comes with pull-strings that tie the zippers, just so there are no accidental openings as you trek.

The compartments of the 5.11 Rush 72 should suffice your needs, if not, it is MOLLE compatible so you can always attach more pockets if need be.

Advantages and Specialities

Firstly, the shove-it pockets are quite deep so that you can store a lot of items in them. The inside pockets have straps or fasteners, which provide extra security for your items. As for the tip mesh pocket, it has a zipper closure at the top and bottom so that you can access its contents from either point.

Other benefits of using this product include

  • Weight – For a backpack of this size, it weighs just 5 pounds
  • Strength – A double-back edge and a bar stack along the stress areas give this backpack extra strength and durability
  • Weight distribution – The yoke system and shoulder straps share content and backpack weight evenly across your back and shoulders
  • This backpack has a built-in name tape and flag holder


  • It has high-quality stitching that is suitable for heavy-duty use
  • It has many pockets, so it’s ideal for 72 hours of use. Many 72-hour backpacks don’t live up to their claim, but this backpack does
  • MOLLE compatibility permits the user to expand by adding more pockets. This is ideal if you plan to stay out beyond 72 hours
  • It is suitable for use in different seasons. It holds up well in the cold, rain, and summer


  • It is a bit pricey, although it is an excellent value for money
  • The belt’s vertical adjustment is not as good as that of other backpacks
  • For its size, 5 pounds seems fair as far as weight is concerned. However, it is more substantial than other backpacks

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is this backpack suitable for beginners?

The backpack isn’t complicated at all, so yes, it is excellent for beginners. It is also suited for seasoned survivalists.

Does it have enough space for a 72-hour trip?

Yes, it has adequate space for 3-day camping. The main compartment can conveniently store your clothing, toiletries and a first aid kit. The chambers are also waterproof so they can safely store your fire-starting gear. This backpack is also MOLLE compatible, so you can attach extra storage space if need be.

Can it be used as a travel bag?

It was mainly designed for survivalists, but it’s large enough for traveling. It is accepted by airlines.


The 5.11 Rush 72 Backpack is a true definition of value for money. Thanks to its high-quality materials and design, it is sure to last long.

It’s a good buy, and we recommend it.

Happy traveling!

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