5.11 Rush Moab 10 Tactical Sling Backpack Review

If you’re a lover of both functionality and style, then it is little wonder you would be interested in the 5.11 Moab 10 tactical military sling bag. Its smooth and sleek design makes this one a must-have, and its several pockets and compartments provide safe and efficient storage space. Manufactured by 5.11 Tactical Apparel, the 5.11 sling bag was created with comfort and usability in mind.

You are probably already curious about what makes this sling backpack our esteemed favorite, and why we have taken out time and effort to write a 5.11 Moab 10 tactical military backpack review. We have all the details you need to know below; read on to find out.

What Makes the 5.11 Rush Moab 10 Tactical sling bag The Best Pick?

Fitted with everything from side pockets to pen holders and several inner zips and flaps, the 5.11Rush Moab 10 tactical military sling bag is a member of the RUSH series of premium quality backpacks from 5.11 Tactical Apparel.

The pricing is affordable and fair, considering how much value you get for your money spent. It was created with plenty of room for your books, pens, cash, and valuables, and offers extensive modular storage expandability which allows you to determine how your kit should be organized.

Despite all these features and the expansive storage space the 5.11 Moab 10 offers you, it comes in a durable and compact design that is handy and easily transported from place to place. What more could we ever need in a sling backpack?


Loaded with coms and pockets, the 5.11 Moab 10 sling bag is a fully customizable and artful accessory. 5.11 Tactical Apparel is a renowned name in the industry, and items in the RUSH series were designed to be quick “grab and go” bags. The sling bag itself has dimensions of 9 x 5.2 x 18.2 inches and weighs a mere seven ounces. It was designed to be convenient and useful; hence, it is crafted with lightweight, yet sturdy and reliable water-resistant material.

The bag is generally spacious, with a super-organized storage area. It sports a durable grip handle, together with comfortable compression straps which make this sling bag the ideal option for the outdoors. The single strap design, which is increasingly becoming popular today, allows its user to literally “grab and go,” instead of wasting extra minutes on adjusting two straps. It also enables the user to wear the bag in several innovative and fashionable positions.

It is further equipped with a 5.11 Tier system, which integrates seamlessly with other 5.11 tactical sling bags in the RUSH series. Other notable features in the design include a hook and loop flag patch, which allows you to change patches quickly and easily. It also has YKK self-healing zippers; this means that even if the zip gets broken, you can simply zip it all the way, and it will close itself again.

Pockets and Compartments

The 5.11 Moab 10 tactical military sling bag is fitted with several pockets and compartments for ease of use and comfort. The main compartment is located in front and measures 18.25” H x 9” L x 5.25” D. The secondary front compartment measures 12.5” x 8” x 2”, while the shoulder strap pocket is 5” x 3.5 x 1.75”. The sling bag is also fitted with a shoulder strap pocket which is 5” x 3.5” x 1.75” and a Liter hydration pocket which is 9.5” x 9.

It is loaded with coms pockets at the shoulder, a covert tactic pocket at the rear, and a secondary double zip pocket. It also has multiple interior admin and stash pockets, which feature a hydration pack pocket with a pass-through port. There is also a sunglass pocket fitted within.

Manufacturing Material

This robust and durable sling bag was crafted from 100% of the most excellent polyester. This, being a synthetic fiber, contributes positively to the bag’s affordability. It also has durable fibers that do not wear out quickly, while maintaining its flexibility, together with its wrinkle and shrink resistance. It also makes it dry quickly when washed.

The inner sunglass pocket is lined with soft and durable fleece material to protect your eyeglass lenses and prevent them from scratching. It is also water-repellant, breathable, and fast-drying.

The Secret Weapon, Literally!

While everything discussed in the 5.11 Rush Moab 10 tactical military sling bag so far is excellent, the bag is endowed with one more secret feature, which is perhaps the most exciting thing about the item. No need to guess what it is, we’ll tell you.

The military sling pack features a concealed carry pouch, which is capable of holstering a full-sized handgun. While this compartment is hidden, it is also placed in a strategic location to enable the wearer to reach for and draw out the weapon quickly.


The 5.11 Moab 10 tactical military sling bag is a uniquely versatile and multi-purpose accessory. It may be used as a daily bag, a school bag, a survival out bag on camping trips, a range or hunting bag, an army or military accessory, a tactical sling pack, or as a hiking rucksack.

Its space, durability, and compartmentalization also contribute to making this bag ideal for literally any activity.

In the Final Analysis

The 5.11 Rush Moab 10 tactical military sling bag is obviously a good buy. The only disadvantage this product seems to have is the fact that it doesn’t come along with the option of attaching an additional strap; nevertheless, it is still highly functional and fashionable. So, if you’re looking to find an inexpensive, yet functional and durable bag, this sling backpack is guaranteed to be the perfect fit for you.

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