Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bag Review [Buyer’s Guide]

0 degree sleeping bags are specially designed for winter weather, so they offer some diverse features as well. The best 0 degree sleeping bag should be extra spacious, lightweight, compressible, and highly insulated. So, look for a bag with a perfect balance between warmth, weight, comfort, and functionality.

Here, let’s walk you through the reviews and the buying guide so you can decide later on which 0 degree sleeping bag is best for you.

Top 10 Best 0 Degree Sleeping Bags for Backpacking Trips, Camping, or, Hiking

For easy comparison, here is a table to summarize the specifics of the mentioned products at a glance before we dive into the reviews:

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TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports LEEF Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

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One of the most popular brands for the sleeping bag, the TETON Sports bags are famous for its warm, comfortable, and affordable models. The TETON Sports LEEF is no exception to that as it is a good, well-rounded choice.

The mummy-shaped bag comes with several features that add more utility to the model. The micro-fiber insulation reduces weight while still preserving warmth and comfort. The thermal enhancing double-layer construction ensures no cold spot and is able to withstand a temperature of 0°F.

Among the materials, the 40D water-resistant ripstop shell is for durability and the brushed poly-flannel is for added comfort. You can tighten the adjustable hood around your face and feel the soft lining. The unique vaulted footbox offers not only more space for your feet but better insulation at the bottom too. It saves anyone having a problem with cold feet while sleeping.

Another great feature is the internal storage pocket to put smartphones, wallet, or keys. That way, the TETON Sports LEEF protects your body and your valuables as well.


  • Anti-Snag Zippers for Optimal Warmth Or Ventilation
  • Easy To Rollback and Pack
  • Hang Loops for Long-Term Storage
  • Lightweight Design Fit for Backpacking


  • Not Suitable for Extreme Cold

Hyke & Byke Goose Down Sleeping Bag

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With the regular size only weighing 2.87 pounds, the Hyke & Byke Eolus is one of the lightest 0 degree sleeping bags.

The premium quality 800 fill power goose down filling is bound to keep you warm even on the coldest night. Hydrophobic goose down filling is one of the greatest natural insulators and able to trap heat inside.

Along with providing warmth, down is also ultralight and compresses well. The adult-size mummy-shaped bag is large enough to comfortably move around. However, it can also be easily packed into the compression sack, making it smaller and portable.

The water repellent fabrics make sure to keep you both warm and dry. And the durable 400T 20D ripstop nylon fabric liner protects the bag from wears and tears even in extreme conditions. The double large YKK zippers and anti-snag sliders add more durability and snag-free zipping.


  • Excellent Warmth-To-Weight Ratio
  • Comfortable, Nice and Snug Fit
  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Multiple Color Options Available


  • Odor Takes Some Time to Wear Away

Outdoor Vitals Atlas 0-15-30 Degree Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals Atlas 0-15-30 Degree Mummy Down Sleeping Bag

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Outdoor Vitals have some of the most versatile and warmest sleeping bags out there. Their Atlas line with 0-15-30 degree bags has all the benefits of down such as lightweight, warm and compressible.

The Atlas provides you with the highest weight to warm ratios due to its LoftTek Hybrid insulation. The 650+ fill power LoftTek insulation seems like down but has a siliconized coating for moisture resistance. The baffled lightweight ripstop shell with DWR coating makes sure you’ll be able to keep moisture out and the heat in.

Another great feature is the dual-bag technology. Two bags from the same model can be hooked together into making a double bag. This feature comes handy when you want to share your experience by getting closer to your partner/friend.

The anti-snag zippers run so smoothly, you won’t have any complaints while opening and closing the bag. The Atlas is already ultralight, to begin with; moreover, it comes with a compression sack.

So, going on an outdoor adventure just becomes a lot easier.


  • Multipurpose and Compact Design
  • Excellent Comfort and Insulation Pad
  • Remain Lofted and Warm Even While Soaking Wet
  • Great for Hammock and Tent Users


  • Bit Snug At Knee Area

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0 Degree F Premium Down Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Vitals Summit 0 Degree F Premium Down Sleeping Bag

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If you love the multi-functionality of Outdoor Vitals Atlas but want more premium features to go with it, then look for the Outdoor Vitals Summit Sleeping Bag.

The Summit combines distinct features such as ultralight, ultra compressible, ultra-warm and ultra-tough. At 2.6 pounds, this bag is lightweight and compressible enough to easily fit into your pack.

Filled with premium 800+ fill power down, it has a fantastic weight to warmth ratio and incredibly warm interior. The grid baffle design distributes the weight to the specific places and eliminates all the cold spots. The 20D ripstop fabric with VitalDry DWR coating is water repellent as well as shock resistant. The durable and rugged material is able to withstand harsh conditions and ideal for any survival environment.

All in all, the Outdoor Vitals Summit Premium is one of the warmest lightest sleeping bags currently on the market.


  • Grid Baffle Design Locking Heat
  • High-Quality Light and Tough Material
  • Warmer Feet Without Extra Weight
  • Spacious and Comfortable Fit


  • Zipper Not Much Reliable

OmniCore Designs Multi Down Hooded Rectangular Sleeping Bag

OmniCore Designs Multi Down Hooded Rectangular Sleeping Bag

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A bit different from the mummy-shaped sleeping bag, this rectangular bag is made for space-loving sleepers. The OmniCore Designs Multi Down Bag is an amazing spacious model that comes in three different temperature options (-10, 10 and 30 degrees F).

The M-3D sleeping bag combines the natural insulation and the technologically advanced insulation to keep you warm and dry. The innovative Multi-Down technology with all-natural 650-Fill-Power Down utilize the heat-trapping ability. Moreover, OmniCore’s proprietary StratusLoft fill in the top and bottom layer warmth even in wet conditions.

The 3-D Box Design is an incredible feature of this sleeping bag. This 3D Box Construction lets you move inside the bag while preserving the warmth. Even though not intended for double camping, the space inside is enough to fit two persons. Despite being a traditional rectangular bag, it has features like an adjustable hood with a pillow pocket, similar to that of the mummy-shaped bag.


  • Durable Construction and Weather Resistant Materials
  • 3-Section Zippered Storage and Stash Pocket for Easy Organization
  • Compressible Pack and Sleeping Pad Compatible
  • Different Colors To Suit Different Temperatures


  • Heavier for Backpacking

TETON Sports ALTOS Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

TETON Sports ALTOS Lightweight Mummy Sleeping Bag

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Being lofty, lightweight, and compressible, the ALTOS Ultralight Sleeping Bag is a backpacker’s dream bag.

The bag comes with Innovative down-like Spectrum S natural fibers to keep you warm. The built-out footbox, draft tubes, and the adjustable hood keep the cold out and trap the heat inside. If you want more warmth, just use a camp pad.

Also, this 0 degree bag is specially designed for cold weather and not suitable for a warm environment at all. So, if your sleeping bag seems to be too warm to use, then lose the three-piece hood or the internal neck seal and you’re good to go.

Similar to the TETON Sports LEEF model, the ALTOS combines both durability and comfort. The tear-resistant shell is for rugged conditions but the soft nylon liner is there to keep you warm and comfortable.

Overall the contoured mummy fit makes it a good choice for those who have broad shoulders and prefer more room for leg area.


  • Optimum Size for More Shoulder and Leg Room
  • Interior Storage Pocket for Safekeeping Valuables
  • Snag-Free Two Way Zipper
  • Excellent Features for Outdoor Activities


  • Sometimes The Bag Needs Readjustment

Slumberjack Latitude 0 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag

Slumberjack Latitude 0 Degree Synthetic Sleeping Bag

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The Slumberjack Latitude 0 Degree Sleeping Bag is built for maximum warmth and comfort outdoors in cold to moderate weather.

This sleeping bag comes with polyester taffeta lining, polyester hex rip-stop shell, and synthetic Slumberloft filling. It is equipped with draft tubes to prevent heat loss and the two-layer offset construction and differential cut prevent cold spots. The Flip-Over Hood around the head and the footbox offer additional warmth.

The foot box also allows you extra movement at the bottom. Even though being mummy-shaped, the bag is spacious enough to guarantee comfort during sleeping.

Another great feature of this bag is its shell being water repellent. The bag dries very quickly and you can comfortably stay warm and dry the whole time.


  • ​Anti-Snag Zipper Protection
  • ​Trapezoidal Foot Box for More Foot Space
  • Slumberloft Insulation for Warmth And Comfort
  • Good for Cold Nights and Chilling Temperatures


  • Less Compact Compared to Other Models

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag

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People who want extra warmth plus extra space, the Browning Camping McKinley 0 Degree Sleeping Bag is for them.

Being rectangular shaped, you’ll get wiggle room to move around comfortably without compromising the warmth. The 7 denier TechLoft Silver insulation and the 2-layer construction prevent cold spot and the extra insulation around the chest area and zipper baffle are designed to ensure the body heat stays trapped inside.

The outer shell is made of 210T nylon diamond ripstop fabric and the interior has a comfortable polyester lining. The design and the materials make the bag extremely durable and able to resist punctures, tears, and rips. Because of the rugged qualities, this Browning Camping McKinley is suitable for extreme condition camping.


  • Unique Design for Ultimate Warmth and Extra Space
  • Compression Stuff Sack for Easy Portability
  • Maximum Insulation, Loft, and Compactness
  • Ideal for Winter Camping or Hunting Trip


  • Heavy Weight

Coleman North Rim 0°F Sleeping Bag

coleman north rim 0 degree mummy bag

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Don’t let the price fool you into thinking of it having lesser quality. The Coleman North Rim is still one of the most functional and well-constructed sleeping bags out there. The extremely reasonable price is just an added bonus.

This 0 degree F bag is specially tailored for tall people as it can accommodate up to 6 feet 2 inches in height and the bottom can be unzipped as well. If you like to sleep keeping one foot out, then you’re in for a treat. However, you don’t need to worry about having cold feet. The quilting construction, insulated footbox, and thermolock draft tube are there to provide warmth and trap the heat inside of the bag.

The semi-sculpted and adjustable hood can be tightened with a drawstring. And the ZipPlow system pulls the fabric away from the zipper to ensure snag-free zipping. Being waterproof, you can easily wash the bag in the washing machine. You can easily pack and store the bag in the stuff sack, and be ready to use it anytime you want.


  • Ultimate Value for Money
  • 2-Way Zipper for Maximum Ventilation
  • Durable Shell and Comfortable Liner
  • Good Option for Car Camping


  • A Bit Heavy and Bulky

Buying Guide

There is a huge variety of 0 degree sleeping bags out there. The best one will be able to keep you alive and comfortable even in extremely cold weather. For that, let’s see what features make a great sleeping bag.

Temperature Rating

The temperature rating of a sleeping bag indicates the lowest temperature to keep warm while using it. Most manufacturers don’t use a standard rating system and it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Besides, everyone’s body temperature and comfort levels are different.

Nowadays many major brands use the European Norm (EN) 13537 Testing Protocol for labeling sleeping bags. Experts suggest purchasing a sleeping bag rated at least 5-10 degrees below the average temperature while using the bag in. Also, you should wear warm clothes and use sleeping pads even when using 0 degree sleeping bags.

Insulation Type

Insulation directly influences temperature rating and warmth thus being responsible for keeping warm. Better insulated sleeping bags trap the body heat inside the bag and keep your body warmer at night. Generally, there are different types of materials used as insulation for sleeping bags. There’s been much debate between down and synthetic as in which one is better. However, there’s another material to consider nowadays.


Down offers the best warmth to weight ratio. Moreover, it’s more durable, light, and easy to carry. That’s why it’s a great choice for 0 degree sleeping bags. However, down is an expensive material, and getting wet, it loses its insulation ability.


Synthetic sleeping bags are commonly made from polyester and the least expensive option. It is better for people suffering from allergies. The material is durable and even after getting wet, the bag dries easily. The only downside is it takes much space and bulkier, therefore harder to pack up.

Water-Resistant Down

It combines the better of the two materials. A lighter, warmer, portable sleeping bag but it won’t get damaged even with getting damp. The exclusive benefits come with a premium price as well. Other than that, this the best insulation option for sleeping bags.


For any backpacking/camping trip, ultralight and portable gear is a must. A lightweight and easy to pack sleeping bag will help you immensely in this regard. 0 degree sleeping bags are specifically suitable for winter trips, so you need to consider the warmth and weight both.

Light sleeping bags tend to have less insulation fill, whereas heavier bags provide more heat but a pain to carry everywhere. In fact, high quality down (800 or more) has a lower temperature rating and lower weight as well. However, these usually cost more than average sleeping bags.

Your trip preference also plays a larger part, as backpacking needs lightweight gear but camping trips demand heavier and bulkier sleeping bags.


The shape of the sleeping bag is to be considered seriously because the less space there is, the warmer you can be.

The bags come with a variety of shapes so that you can select according to your body type and preference. The most common types out in the market are rectangular and mummy bags.


These bags have a slim cut, contoured hood, and snug fit. The shape restricts movement but provides the most warmth.


The simple rectangular shape offers more room to move around and less restrictive. But they provide less warmth and more suitable for mild weather.

Semi Rectangular

These bags have more of a “barrel” or “modified mummy” shape. Also, having both the characteristics of mummy and rectangular shapes, they combine comfort and warmth.

Most of the 0 degree sleeping bags come in mummy shape as these are more suitable for cold weather. The rectangular bag will give you comfort, but mummy bag will actually save you from the bite of cold.


Sleeping bags also come in a variety of sizes. Along with shapes, size is another factor worth considering.

Adult Sleeping Bags

Most bags come in 3 sizes-small, regular and large. Your bag should match your height and physique. If you can then try your size and the next one to compare which one is the better fit for you. Generally, you’ll be warmer and save a little weight by going with the smaller of the two sizes.

Women’s Sleeping Bags

These are catered towards women to closely fit an “average woman’s” contours. They are typically shorter, narrower at the shoulders and wider at the hips. Also, they come with extra insulation in the body and foot area.

Kids’ Sleeping Bags

These are simply shorter and smaller variations of adult sleeping bags but more affordable. Moreover, brands still provide an estimated temperature rating for kids’ bags, even though ISO and EN testing can’t be done on them.

Additional Features

Here, let’s look at some bonus features you may want to consider before buying:


Camping in cold temperatures, people lose a lot of heat if their heads are uncovered. All the best 0 degree sleeping bags come with a built-in hood with a drawcord to pull tightly around your head. The hood prevents the heat from radiating away thus keeping your head warm along with your body.

Draft Collar

A draft collar is a tube of insulation that drapes over the chest and neck and seals in the bag’s warmth. It’s there to limit the amount of cold air that enters the bag. It is perfect for cold weather sleeping bags, as it’ll ensure the bag stays warm and the heat doesn’t escape from the bag.

Draft Tubes

Draft tubes are tubes of down that cover up the side zipper. Most winter bags have at least one zipper draft tube, although some have two, both top and bottom, that fall into place while zipping up the bag.


Most sleeping bags come with different zipper lengths. Full-length zippers offer easy access and ideal for ventilation. Short length zippers provide less flexibility and open at just halfway. Zippers getting caught in the way and breaking down frequently will make your camping experience a nightmare. So, good quality snag-free zippers are a must. 0 degree sleeping bags are for winter weather so the zippers need to be extra strong and durable.

Shell and Lining

The outside material of the sleeping bag is called the shell, while the inside material is called the lining. The shell is designed to repel water and the lining is designed to disperse your sweat during the night. Nowadays, many synthetic fill sleeping bags offer a shell fabric with a durable water repellent (DWR) finish. Generally, polyester or nylon breaths and draws away moisture and cotton/flannel are comfortable but you’ll be left feeling wet.

Sleeping Pad

It works as a layer between your sleeping bag and the cold ground thus adding better insulation. It protects the sleeping bag from ground frost or low temperature at night. Invest in the best and lightest sleeping pad, and get added warmth and comfort.

Pillow Pockets

Some sleeping bags come with a small pocket which can be converted into a pillow by stuffing some soft clothes inside it. If you have a habit of sleeping with a pillow but can’t bring one to your camping trip, then it can be a nice alternative. You’ll be getting not only comfort but also extra warmth for your head.

Foot Box

It’s the space at the bottom of the sleeping bag. Some bags also come with an extra insulated footbox so that your feet remain warm. If you sleep on your sides or turn over a lot at nights, then look for a more spacious footbox.


Hopefully, our review helped you to learn more about the best 0 degree sleeping bag and where to find it. When you start comparing more and more models, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for. So, think about your preference and requirements for 0 degree sleeping bags and choose according to it.

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