Best Camper for Family of 4

Camping outdoors and hitch-hiking along the country roads can be one of the enriching experiences you can ever have. As an enthusiastic adventurer, you would not want your family to miss out on the excitement too.

One of the most crucial elements of camping is the RV that you take with you. This vehicle will be the primary mode of transport and living for you and your family.

Here, in this article, we bring some of the best campers for a family of 4.

There will also be some in-depth analysis of RV campers’ overall types, how you can organize the floorplan for sleeping, and some other features. A buying guide will highlight all the essential features that you need to look out for while choosing the best camper for a family of 4.

Without further ado, let’s get right to it!

Types of RV Campers

Before getting to know all about the best campers for a family of four, you need to know about the choices you have in hand. Based on the purpose and usage criteria, trailers can be of various types.

Some campers may be winter-special RVs, while some can also be fit for camping all-year-round. Whatever type of camping weather or terrain you wish to take your RV, there is a suitable option for you.

Let’s look in detail at some of the types of RV campers you can choose.


This is undoubtedly one of the most common choices out there. These vehicles boast themselves practically your entire house on wheels. There are three distinct classes of motorhomes – A, B, and C, with Class A motorhomes being the behemoth.

Class B and C motorhomes tend to be smaller in size. But they have the same amenities and features as regular motorhomes. Certain luxurious features will give you the comfort of your own home on the road!

Fifth Wheel Campers

These trailers are a bit of an oddball choice. It’s a large extension attached to the cargo box of a pickup truck. If you have a heavy-duty pickup truck with a gooseneck hitch, you can easily create your fifth wheeler for camping.

The fifth-wheel campers tend to be minimalistic and hold the bare minimum. They are also comparatively smaller in size and more oriented towards economic campers.

Travel Trailers

This option for a camper is not a vehicle in itself, but just a caged room on wheels. You need to hook up the travel trailer to another car or pickup and tow it from place to place.

Travel trailers are often found as ready-made units from various manufacturers. However, a significant drawback in these models is the lack of proper air conditioning or furnishing. Most travel trailers are made for rental usage or heavy-duty rough tasks. So, it’s not as luxurious as other choices like motorhomes.

RV Floors Plans

When you travel with your family, space management can be one of the most vital issues that can make or break your experience. That is why it is crucial to make a proper floor plan in your camper or RV to adequately accommodate all your family members.

A good floor plan not only enhances the camping experience for you and your kids but also makes sure that the resources in your RV are utilized most efficiently.

Here are a few examples of RV floor plans that we liked. Most of them are suited for families of four. However, some can be modified to accommodate larger families as well.

The Moon Layout

Put up a fabric enclosure around the beds. This will act as a drape to ensure privacy and help you fall asleep at night. You can hook in the drapes to the ceiling using clips at night and remove them during the day for space issues.

The Sprinter Layout

Setting up bunk beds is another innovative way to go. This setup ensures that all your family members get their own small bed without having to share.

The Fite Layout

Install murphy beds for everyone. This is especially helpful if you have an infant in your family. Simply put up a net or rollbar to secure him or her in the bed while they sleep.

You can put up the murphy bed along an empty wall and put up a small ladder from the floor to the bed. This will help you climb up to the bed above your head while also acting as a pillar for the bed to stay upright.

During the day, you can stow the bed during daytime while you’re not using it. You also free up a lot of floor space this way and use it for moving around.

Keeping the murphy beds in a staggered position also helps ensure more headspace. You can have a comfortable sleep at night this way.

The Calloway Layout

Utilize all the vertical space very efficiently in this layout. Set up bunk beds atop each other and adjust the upper bunk using a power jack system. You can even install a dinette drop-down table that doubles as a twin bed. This layout can fit up to five people in your RV.

The Kuhl Layout

This layout is the most space-efficient of all. Instead of having platform beds like the other layouts, utilize the large chairs in the cockpit. Simply use ratchet straps to suspend a bed atop the seats at night and hook it on to the headliner during the day.

Another good idea is to install a dinette that converts into a twin-size bed. This will ensure the multi-purpose use of space.

Top 7 choices for Camper for Family of Four

Comparison Table

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Forest River Salem 31KQBTS

Forest River Salem 31KQBTS

Major Specs

  • 5000 lbs. maximum unload weight
  • 8 maximum beds
  • 25 feet in length
  • 8 feet in width
  • 11 feet in height
  • 800 lbs. hitch weight
  • No LP gas outlet
  • 40 gallons of fresh water capacity
  • 30 gallons of blackwater capacity
  • 54 gallons of gray water capacity
Forest River Salem 31KQBTS Structure

With all features and specs combined, the Forest River Flagstaff Micro-Lite Travel Trailer has made it to the top of our list for numerous reasons. The first of them is its affordability.

Although the official website price goes a bit up and down from time to time based on the season of the year, the overall costing of this camper is cheaper than the rest of the competition. And this price tag does not mean that the manufacturers compromised in terms of quality!

This RV camper can be your dream come true if you’re looking for the best camper for family of 4. Additionally, don’t miss out on the wide range of floorplans it can offer. This means you can easily accommodate your large family of four in this camper without batting an eye.

The built-in furnace is an extremely efficient addition to the kitchen in the RV. Especially if you are camping in the winter, this can be a lifesaver and a necessary amenity.


  • All compartments made of industrial-grade aluminum
  • Roofing membrane built out of composite vinyl and rubber
  • Interior decoration made of driftwood
  • Interior lighting provided by 12-volt LEDs
  • Rain dump and power awning features


  • The ceiling is a bit recessed

Airstream Flying Cloud 23CB Bunk

Airstream Flying Cloud 23CB Bunk

Major Specs

  • 6000 lbs. maximum unload weight
  • 7 maximum beds
  • 23 feet in length
  • 8 feet in width
  • 9 feet in height
  • 720 lbs. hitch weight
  • No LP gas outlet
  • 39 gallons of fresh water capacity
  • 18 gallons of blackwater capacity
  • 21 gallons of gray water capacity
Airstream Flying Cloud 23CB Bunk Structure

Say hello to minimalistic and distraction-free camping with the Airstream RV Sport Travel Trailer. You can make yourself one with nature and enjoy the full experience of camping in the wolf with this best camper for living off the grid.

The price range of the camper is on the lower spectrum. This means that the manufacturers disregarded any unnecessary amenities leaving you precisely the bare minimum. You essentially get what you pay for.

You can decide to go camping solo or take along your family of four with you. But then the experience might be a little compromised. Nonetheless, there are options for two distinctive floor layouts in this best camper trailer for family of 4.

There is an added level of attention to the safety features in this trailer. You’ll find Carbon Monoxide and LP detectors in addition to the usual fire extinguisher.  The air conditioner unit has an inclusive heat pump for winter weather.


  • Extruded window frames with a hand-crafted welded aluminum build
  • Wooden floor with grooved design
  • Water pressure regulator with a city water inlet
  • Furniture upholstery is done with pet-friendly and stain-proof Ultraleather
  • Aluminum super-structure with semi-monocoque materials in the underbody


  • Slightly cramped at full capacity

Jayco Jay Sport 12UD

Jayco Jay Sport 12UD

Major Specs

  • 6000 lbs. maximum unload weight
  • 10 maximum beds
  • 35 feet in length
  • 7 feet in width
  • 8 feet in height
  • 225 lbs. hitch weight
  • No LP gas outlet
  • 2 gallons of fresh water capacity
  • 0 gallons of blackwater capacity
  • 0 gallons of gray water capacity
Jayco Jay Sport 12UD Structure

If you are an avid camper and looking for a durable choice of RV campers, the Jayco Jay Feather Travel Trailer can be your best bet. It is a perfect fit for a family of four but can be extended to accommodate up to ten people inside this best family hybrid camper

You can attach the trailer-style camper to a mini-SUV and carry it to a suitable destination like a trailer park or a camping site. Alternatively, you can use a tow truck to move it along as well.

The trailer has decent dimensions and compares quite nicely to competing models. You can even customize the interior with eight outstanding floor plans based on your preference and comfort.

The premium features inclusive of the trailer are all regarded as value for money. You get tinted glass & curtains in the windows for privacy, industrial-grade exterior speakers for fun, and impact-resistant wheel wells for a safe, comfortable ride.

You better not forget about the extra benefits that come along with the camper. The additional tongue jack and air conditioner upgrades and take your camping experience to the next level!


  • Sidewalls are decorated with 2-colored modern retro graphics
  • Interior paneling accented with woodgrain texture
  • Mildew-resistant exterior
  • Wheels are made of industrial-grade steel and have chrome center caps
  • Quick connect port in external propane grill
  • Power-saving LED lighting panel


  • No inclusive bathroom facilities

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 26BH

Dutchmen Aspen Trail 26BH

Major Specs

  • 8500 lbs. maximum unload weight
  • 7 maximum beds
  • 6 feet in length
  • 8 feet in width
  • 8 feet in height
  • 1000 lbs. hitch weight
  • 40 lbs. LP gas outlet
  • 52 gallons of fresh water capacity
  • 42 gallons of blackwater capacity
  • 78 gallons of gray water capacity
Dutchmen Aspen Trail 26BH Structure

Featured as the perfect choice for the lightweight camper, the Dutchmen RV Coleman Lantern LT Series Travel Trailer is a budget option nonetheless. It weighs less than just three thousand pounds and packs a massive punch of features as the best light and compact camper

You can fit your entire family of four in this travel trailer with utter comfort. There are options to choose from four available layouts and floor plans to customize the interior.

The RV has two in-built speakers with a 30-amp power cord and cable TV antenna booster for entertainment purposes. For your culinary needs, there is an 18000 BTU furnace as well as a microwave oven.

Additional tinted glass windows can ensure your family’s safety and privacy too. You can opt to customize the rear bunkhouse to a dressing area so that it can meet your fashion demands.


  • Flooring made of vinyl materials
  • Built-in battery charger with solid-state converter
  • Wheels with Silver spoke rims
  • Outdoor kitchen with exhaust fan and range hood
  • 12-volt porch lighting with switch


  • Not suitable for winter camping or heavy usage

Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer

Major Specs

  • 8500 lbs. maximum unload weight
  • 10 maximum beds
  • 37 feet in length
  • 8 feet in width
  • 1 feet in height
  • 485 lbs. hitch weight
  • 40 lbs. LP gas outlet
  • 43 gallons of fresh water capacity
  • 30 gallons of blackwater capacity
  • 30 gallons of gray water capacity

Versatility is the name of the game when it comes to the Keystone Hideout Travel Trailer. You can rest assured that you’ll find whatever feature you’re looking for in this trailer, and maybe even a better alternative!

There can be a total combination of 44 layouts or floorplans for this fifth-wheel RV camping trailer. Along with the 6-point electric auto-leveling system and Onan Marquis 5.5 KW LP power generator, this trailer can be the best travel trailer for family of 5

There is even a 50-inch television and dedicated phone charging stand for the tech-geek in you. But that does not mean that the trailer misses out on luxury essentials like a 12-cft refrigerator and memory foam mattress.

Just to add to the benefits, the premium RV camper even flaunts a freestanding dinette, tri-fold sleeper sofa, and 5,000 BTU air conditioner.


  • Power awning is adjustable with customized lighting
  • I-beam frame is powder-coated for durability
  • Window frames are finished with a black radius
  • Four dedicated stabilizer jacks for heavy-duty performance
  • Include antenna booster and Bluetooth speakers with TV


  • The standard variant lacks some of the luxurious features

Buying Guide

Not all campers are made equal, and not all brands of RVs are made with similar intentions in mind. To have a fruitful camping experience with the best camping vehicle ever, you have to weigh in on many factors.

We try to highlight some of the most crucial factors in determining your choice of the best camper for a family of 4. Whether you’re simply browsing through a catalog of the best pop up camper brands or best 4 season truck campers, this section will possibly come in handy for you!

Kids or Not?

When buying a camper, it’s obvious your primary objective is to spend time with your family. If you have toddlers in the family, you are going to have to be extra picky. Not every camper is suitable for kids.

If you have kids, make sure you get a camper with at least two bunk beds and their own lavatory. Also, make sure their side of the trailer has a separate TV connection.

Kids love to bring their consoles on the road, so make sure the camper can store them. Also, considering the number of electronic devices they use to keep themself occupied, don’t forget to choose a camper with an ample number of charging ports.

Opt for a stylish and sleek design instead of dull and boring wood panels. Kids hate that kind of atmosphere. Rather they pretty much like an ambient atmosphere. Make sure the lighting effects are attractive as well.


If you have a favorite 4-legged friend with you, don’t forget to buy an RV with additional drawer space for pet food and water. Make sure the pet’s bedding can be adjusted too.


What good is going on a road trip if you do not take part in many interesting activities? Your choice of a camper will depend on the activities you intend to take part in while camping.


Kayaking is one of the most popular activities people take part in while on a road trip. In fact, for many, it is the main attraction of the outdoors journey.

So, when going on a tour, make sure your camper can store kayaks if you are into that. Many campers have extra dedicated storage for kayaks on the rooftop. Otherwise, it can be difficult to store kayaks in your rig.

Digital Entertainment

Watching TV and movies is always fun, whether you are outdoors or indoors. If you are big on that, choose a camper with a TV pre-installed. Nowadays the brand-new campers have state of the art entertainment systems. Before buying an RV, check your camper’s entertainment system.

Roaming Around

A lot of people prefer to roam around various tourist destinations while camping with their RV. They don’t have any destination pre-chosen. They navigate as they go through on the road. So, if you are one of them, get a camper with a top-notch satnav and other communication devices.

Internet Access

In this day and age, can you imagine a single day in your life without the internet? Even for practical reasons, you need it. It’s not just rocking social media and making your timeline dazzling.

It is sufficing to say you are going to spend a lot of time on the internet. Look for a camper that has a wide-ranged router that can handle multiple devices at once.

Refrigerator, Ovens & Stoves

You are going to store a lot of food and drinks. So, make sure your RV has a decent quality oven and minibar. What’s good with hunting if you cannot cook that big game meat? Check if the camper has an electric stove inbuilt.

And speaking of hunting, you are going to need an extra-secure safe to store rifles, things that should be out of the children’s hands, and valuables. If you plan on hauling an ATV, make sure the vehicle has towing hooks too.

Furnace Options

You need a furnace in your camper to keep your family warm in cooler weather. Choose an electric furnace. It will keep the costs down. It is also much safer than a propane-powered furnace. You have to replace batteries once every year in an electric furnace. Check if the vents connected with the furnace in the selected RV are spotless.

Sleeping Options

Well, this one is obvious. Before buying the camper, make sure it has enough beds for everyone to sleep. It is preferred the master bedroom and other beds are distant and separated by blinders for privacy.

Depending on the number of kids, select a camper with that amount of bunk beds. Don’t think about cramming two kids in a single bunk bed. You are already short on space there. Don’t make it more difficult for them.

Also, make sure the bunk beds are comfortable and easy to manage. Many beds have storage cabinets. Those come in pretty handy on long tours. A lot of beds can be operated electronically. Those are super fun and user-friendly. So, check if your camper has those kinds of beds.

Roofing Options

Getting a lightweight roof is critical. It upgrades the overall driving experience. It also means you are shedding extra pounds. So, less fuel cost. But make sure the roof is strong enough to handle difficult weather conditions such as snowfall, thunderstorms, etc.


Make sure the roof does not dent, scratch, or scuff. Check if it’s difficult to replace. Otherwise, it’s going to cause a lot of hassle in the long run. Sunlight will be reflecting directly on the roof. Make sure it absorbs the minimum amount of heat. Or in the summer days, you will be baked.

Ensure the roof is dust-resistant if you plan on touring desert areas, such as Nevada or Utah. Otherwise, dust can cause health issues.

Also, make sure the roof is fireproof. It will save you from bushfires in the Forrest. If you plan on a road trip to California, it is highly recommended as the wilderness in those areas is often blazed.


Make sure that the build quality and material of the roof is top-notch. Some materials puncture very easily, such as EPDM. Check whether the roof is laminated. Otherwise, cracking and leaking will occur. And your trip will be spoiled.

Braking Options

Braking options are used for towing your car. Make sure the electronic decelerometer is responsive before getting the camper. Check for the towing capacity and if it is sufficient for you. Good braking systems are terrain responsive too. Just check the brake force it generates.


Whether you are going on a tour in a snowy mountainous region or swamplands, make sure that your camper is air-conditioned. Remember, you will be experiencing a climate that is not familiar to you or your family.

So, don’t forget to get to mull through the climate control options in your RV. Some people even get sick in a new climate. Not having a good air-conditioning system can very much spoil your trip. Also, it will keep the air fresh and clean, filtering all the pollutants.

Plumbing Options

You need a good lavatory for answering calls of nature. If your RV plumbing system is poor, it’s going to screw your whole trip. Your family is going to mad.

Of course, you will need hot water for bathing, washing hands, and other general purposes when in a cold environment. So, make sure you have a working plumbing system in your RV.

Water Tank Options

Your RV will need three different water tanks. One for fresh water, which is clean and will be used for drinking and cooking purposes. Another water tank for storing waste from the toilet. And third is for water when you wash dishes, take a shower, and general hygiene.

Make sure that your camper’s plumbing systems have these three tanks separate from one another. Check the last two tanks have vents connected outside of the camper. Also, check if the heater is connected to the fresh water tank, durable pipes, and a foolproof circulation system.

Bottom Line

That concludes our suggestion list and buying guide regarding the best camper for family of 4. Besides taking into consideration these factors and reviewing our recommended RVs, there are a few other things you need to take care of as well.

First off, try to find which is the best place to buy a camper in your area. Campers or RVs are a long-term investment. So, it would be best if you were careful about which vehicle you are buying.

Second, try to analyze the market and deduce when is the best time to buy a camper. Prices of these vehicles frequently go up and down based on the season. During the peak tourist seasons, campers get in high demand. Brand new RV prices might just skyrocket. However, you could also opt for second-hand campers. But that’s just solely your decision and choice to make.

We hope you have an enjoyable camping trip with your family. Happy camping!

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