Best Tent for Camping with Family

Some of the best memories of our childhood are from when we went camping with the family. Even when we were just camping in the backyard, it felt no less of an adventure. And what’s the absolutely necessary piece of kit for camping? Why the tent, of course!

So choosing the best family tent for camping is the utmost priority, as the camping experience depends a lot on it. When you spent blood, sweat, and tear to set up the tent, yet it keeps leaking, and the cramped interior space makes you want to leave everything behind and never look back, it’s time to get a new tent. Or if you’re a newbie and don’t want this nightmare to happen, then you need to look for the right tent.

And what is this best camping tent for family, you ask? Well, different models have different designs, features, looks, etc., and hold different values as well. However, great tents share similar qualities, and you should keep an eye out for them. The best tent for camping with family should be spacious, durable, reliable, weather-resistant, easy to set up, has a large capacity, and versatile features. Most of all, it should meet your criteria for what you want and need in a tent.

Here, for your convenience, we’ve reviewed the best tents currently available on the market and have discussed in detail what makes them the top of their field. So, without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

10 Best Camping Tent for Family of 4 or 5

Camping Tent Comparison Table

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Coleman Sundome 6 Tent Review

Coleman Sundome 6 Tent

Coleman Sundome Tent is perfect for the campers looking for a tent that is low on cost but high on quality. It’s a simple tent offering great value and comfort that can last a long time. If you’re going on camping to enjoy yourself with your family, you need a tent you can rely on. At a very reasonable price, the Coleman Sundome offers you comfort and protection from harsh weather.

Therefore, we included Sundome 6’s specifications for your convenience and discussed the main features at length.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 6’
  • Weight: 16.1 lbs
  • Peak Height: 6’
  • Floor Dimension: 100 sq ft
  • Setup Time: 10 min

Interior Space and Storage

Freestanding Design

This tent has a sturdy two-pole and two-layer design. This freestanding design offers excellent stability in high winds, and the waterproofing will keep you dry from rainfall.

Floor Space

The Sundome’s interior is roomy with 100 square feet of floor space and 6 feet of maximum height at the center.

Built-in Storage Pockets

To maximize the space and keep things organized, two built-in storage pockets are attached at both sides of the tent. You can store the small necessary items like keys, phone, wallet, etc., inside the mesh pockets. That way, your gear won’t be cluttered on the floor and get messed up.


The tent is marketed as a six-person tent; however, it’s not necessarily a six-adult tent. A family with children can comfortably sleep inside, but the interior can feel a bit crowded for six adults. If you are camping with 3-4 people, then you can enjoy a lot more moving space and better air circulation.

Durability and Build Quality

Tent Fabric

If you compare the price with similar models, the Coleman Sundome will surprise you with its build quality and durability. The tent is made of sturdy and highly durable polyester and has a 1000D polyethylene floor with welded seams.

Zippers and Fiberglass Poles

Along with being waterproof, the zippers and fiberglass poles are sturdy enough to keep the tent stable even during harsh weather. The zippers, stakes, and poles could’ve been of better quality, but the build quality is more than satisfactory as a budget option.


With proper care and maintenance, this tent will last years and go through many seasons easily.

Weather Protection


The Sundome is designed to give you protection against wind and storms. The tent comes with a water-resistant rainfly with leak-free seams. The rainfly is able to withstand heavy rainfall, but you need to close all the zippers beforehand fully.

WeatherTec System

The real credit goes to Coleman’s exclusive WeatherTec system, which keeps the rain and moisture out. The tub floor feature offers welded corners and protected seams and thus making it waterproof. Along with a strong frame design with 11mm shock-corded fiberglass poles, this tent is engineered to endure winds up to 35 miles per hour.


The Coleman Sundome Tent comes with various adjustable ventilation panels and offers excellent ventilation thanks to them. There are two mesh windows on the rear and mesh vents in the ceiling.

The ventilation lets in a huge amount of airflow but keeps the heat out. Despite allowing fresh air inside the tent, the insects are kept out. One of the reasons, this is an excellent option for warm-weather camping. You can also zip up the front and rear windows and put on the rain fly for complete privacy.

Set-Up and Take Down

Ease of Setting Up

The Coleman Sundome 6 tent is one of the easiest to set up and takedown. The instructions are clearly visible and easy to understand. Coleman included snag-free Insta-Clip suspension, pin-and-ring connections, and continuous pole sleeves to the structural design.  So the setup process can be done in under ten minutes. Even if you had no help, you could set up the tent yourself in no time.

Packed Size

Sometimes disassembling takes more time than setting up, but for Sundome, the takedown process takes a few minutes. You can pack up the tent in the carry bag it comes with and stores away for later use. Packed inside the expandable bag, the tent is lightweight and compact enough. You can put the bag with other camping gear without it taking up much space.

Additional Features

E-Port Feature

All the features are pretty great, but the most useful one is the E-Port feature. Through the E-Port, you can access electrical power inside your tent. You can quickly charge your phone or other devices through the extension cord. There’s also a hanging loop in the ceiling for lanterns or lamps.

Illumiline Reflective Guylines

Coleman added an innovative safety feature called Illumiline Reflective Guylines. This feature makes the tent visible at night so you can find the tent easily, even in the dark. Also, there’s less chance of people bumping into your tent by accident.

Multiple Size Options

We reviewed the six-person Sundome Tent, but Coleman offers three other size options as well. If you want the same specifications except for a smaller group, then you can check out the four-person tent. For couples with a small child or just for the couples themselves, the two-person or three-person tent will be perfect.

Dark Room Sundome

Not only various capacities, but Coleman also makes the Sundome with Dark Room Technology. This tent utilizes a special fabric and the rainfly, which will block about 90% of the sunlight. If you’re a late sleeper or hoping to catch more sleep, you won’t be able to resist the appeal of Dark Room Sundome. Moreover, the dark fabric keeps the tent cooler, which is a bonus in hot weather.


  • Exclusive WeatherTec system for dry tent
  • E-port for convenient power access
  • Mesh vents at top and ground for excellent ventilation
  • Waterproof and tear-resistant durable tent fabric
  • Spacious ceiling height
  • Easy set up under 10 minutes
  • Best value for money


  • Flimsy zippers and fiberglass poles
  • Not suitable for extreme weather
  • Lack of storage space

The Coleman Sundome is an entry to a mid-level tent with unique and comfortable features, effective performance, and affordable price. There may be more high-end and luxurious tents in the market. But for camping with family, you won’t find a better budget option than the Coleman Sundome 6.

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Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

If you want a spacious, more comfy experience while camping with your family, then the Wenzel Klondike Tent will be able to deliver. It comes with two separate rooms with plenty of space and useful features. The ventilation system lets in copious amounts of air, but the weatherproof design protects you from rain and water coming inside.

Here are the features rated and discussed in detail.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 8-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 16’ x 11’ x 6.5’
  • Weight: 26.38 lbs
  • Peak Height: 6’ 6”
  • Floor Dimension: 98 sq ft
  • Setup Time: 20 min

Interior Space and Storage

Spacious Room

The Wenzel Klondike comes with 98 sq. ft. total floor area to accommodate two queen airbeds and plenty of extra space around. Not only just the spacious area, but this tent also offers 6.5 ft. of peak headroom.  You don’t need to bend your head every time you’re inside the tent and move freely. It’s a cabin-style tent, so you can even put a bunk bed inside. This is one of the best camping tent for large family.


Officially the Klondike offers an 8-Person capacity. Although the tent is big enough and you can fit eight persons inside, this may be a bit of a tighter fit. Ideally, 4 to 6 adults can sleep comfortably even with all their camping gear inside. For a family with 4-5 small children, the space will be more than enough to fit comfortably.


Despite being very rugged and durable, the tent is made from lightweight materials. With a 26.3 lbs weight, it has one of the best area/weight ratios. Packing it in the storage duffel, you can conveniently carry it anywhere.


There are two accessory pockets sewn into the tent walls. They’re easy to reach and handy to keep your small, valuable items. Also, you can open the inside door all the way around and stash it inside the pocket next to the wall.

Durability and Build Quality

Fiberglass Frame

The Klondike is designed with a fiberglass roof frame combined with double staked power corners for added stability. There are shock-corded three fiberglass poles and six metal poles for vertical support. The poles create the dome structure that can’t be easily moved in windy conditions. It’s built to endure winds during stormy weather.


The Tent uses polyester fabric with a polyurethane water-resistant coating to protect the tent from top to bottom. Also, the lap-felled seams are double-stitched throughout the tent’s body to provide a shingle effect against water. The threads, zippers, and webbing are treated with advanced water repellency applications to strengthen and make them more durable.

Weather Protection

Weather Resistant Fabric

This tent is made of Weather Armor polyester fabric. The rainfly is further treated with polyurethane to prevent water invasion. Even during a rainstorm, the tent won’t leak, and the interior will remain warm and dry. Moreover, all the zippers, threads, and webbing are manufactured using water-repellent technology.

Welded Polyethylene Floor

The tent floor is built with standard quality polyethylene fabric and applies welding technology. Besides, the tent seams are double-stitched to ensure the floor is sealed properly. So there’s no chance of water leaks.


Full Mesh Roof

The Klondike offers excellent ventilation thanks to its roof fully built with mesh fabric. It allows more air to circulate through the interior space. Even after you zip up all panels, there will be airflow inside the room. Moreover, you can remove the rainfly on a clear night and enjoy the stars through the mesh roof.

Two Mesh Windows

The main room is equipped with two large windows with mesh and zippers. The upper section has a flap that protects the window during rain. So there is zero chance of water leaking inside. Zipping up the windows will keep the bug out, but the air will flow in easily.

Setup and Take Down

The Klondike Tent isn’t a pop-up or instant tent, but you can easily set up this tent without complication. For two adults, it’ll take 20 minutes top to set up the tent. Due to its simple installation instructions and careful assembly design, you won’t have to put much effort into assembling or disassembling this tent.

Additional Features

Attached screen room

Aside from the main room, the Klondike comes with a screen room with full functionality. It’s full of zippered panels, so it provides superb ventilation as well. You can use this room as a separate room for sleeping or using it as a camping porch by fully opening the zipper. The screen room is useful because you can also use it as a family playroom when kids can’t play outside.

The external door

The tent features a single door with an inverted ‘T’ shape. The external door is the only point of entrance and exit. You have to go through the screen room to get inside the main room. So it’s better if you don’t put a huge airbed in the screen room. Otherwise, your movement will be limited.


  • Well-suited for warm weather camping
  • No-see mesh fabric provides privacy
  • Well-designed ventilation system for better air circulation
  • Easy to read and follow Instructions guide
  • Waterproof fabric and leak-proof seams keep the interior dry
  • A ceiling ring for lantern attachment
  • Offers 10-year warranty


  • Non-freestanding design
  • Not viable for winter weather
  • The screen room offers a lower standing height than the main room.

If comfort and reliability is your main concern, then Wenzel Klondike is perfect for the job. And you won’t be much poorer for buying it, so affordability is another bonus.

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Eureka! Copper Canyon LX 3 Season Camping Tent

Eureka Copper Canyon LX 3 Season Camping Tent

Eureka has been in the industry for years and has a reputation to match. The most notable example of the Eureka tent is perhaps being used for the first American expedition to Everest. For camping with family, you don’t need a harsh weather tent. A three-season tent would be completely fine.

Therefore, the Eureka Copper Canyon LX is the tent perfectly suited to the task. In terms of space, comfort, and livability, this tent is a tiny house in a bag.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 8-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 10’ x 13’ x 7’
  • Weight: 31. 2 lbs
  • Max Inside Height: 7’
  • Floor Dimension: 130 sq ft
  • Setup Time: 15 min

Interior Space and Storage

Interior Height

The Copper Canyon LX is one of the roomiest family tents out there, but it’s not the best thing about this tent. The most remarkable feature of this tent is its peak height inside. With 7 feet of headspace, you can rest assured never to have to duck inside (well, if you’re a giant over 7 feet, then it’s a different scale altogether).

Freestanding Design with Ample Space

The Copper Canyon LX is the new and improved 2020 version with more space and better features. The freestanding tent offers full standing height and able to support its own weight. The near-vertical walls create a lot of standing room and maximize the floor space.

Convenient Overhead Storage

The Copper Canyon LX has a unique feature that can be rarely found in other models. There’s a gear loft inside the tent to store your personal items. It’s in the shape of an overhead gear hammock and stays within your reach. Moreover, there are mesh pockets where you can store small items or stash guylines and cords instead.


The tent comes with an eight-person capacity with 130 square feet of floor space. This is actually a huge space if you compare it to the other models. The massive space is more than capable of housing costs and air mattresses. A family with multiple kids will easily and comfortably fit inside the tent. It also comes in multiple size options.

Durability and Build Quality

Rugged Cabin Style Tent

This tent has a lightweight build, but don’t confuse with it being flimsy. The rugged and durable design has a steel/fiberglass combination with pole sleeves, corner hubs, and quick clips.

Heavy Steel Poles and Flexible Fiberglass Poles

You may have reservations about the heavyweight of the steel poles—no need for that. The poles won’t break even if you run them over. The heavy-duty steel poles have added weight, but it also means added strength. Moreover, the fiberglass poles are flexible enough to keep holding the tent on the ground during high winds. So there’s no chance of damage during high winds or storms.

Weather Protection

The Copper Canyon LX tent features an extended front porch fly design, which works as extra wet weather protection. Along with providing a dry entryway, the rainfly also functions as a separate shade structure. The wraparound bathtub floor design keeps the tent interior dry from rains and storms.


This tent works fine as a summer tent due to its larger windows and doors providing better ventilation. It has massive mesh windows on all four sides and two large doors. The breathable mesh fabric helps maximize the airflow inside the tent. The windows have waterproof flaps, so even if they get wet, there’s less chance of water getting in. The solid walls provide protection against wind and offer added privacy. The all-mesh roof is also great for stargazing.

Setup and Take Down

The Copper Canyon Tent is fairly easy to set up, and one person can pitch the tent in 15 minutes or less. If there are two of you working together, you can set it up in about five minutes. For experienced campers, the setup doesn’t prove to be much of a challenge. But if you’re a newbie, then you better read and follow the instructions closely so you don’t mess up the sequence of getting the tent pitched.

There are quick clips for easy assembly. So you can attach the rainfly to the four corners via the cords conveniently. The takedown process is simple enough, as well. You just need to reverse the setup steps in order, and you’re good to go.  The carry bag comes with an additional zipper and a shoulder strap, which makes carrying the tent easier.

Additional Features

E Power Port

You can conveniently plug in your electronic devices through the power port built into the wall of the tent. There’s a small opening through which you can run a power or extension cord. That way, you can charge your phone/tab, power lights, and much more.

Multiple Doors and Windows

This tent has two doors and four windows. The massive doors at the front and the back make it easy to get in and get out of the tent. The large windows work greatly at letting in the airflow, thus keeping the tent cooler on a hot day.

Removable Divider

This model has an optional divider that can make the one-room tent into a two-room tent. This allows having extra privacy when you’re sharing the tent with another group. You can also detach the divider and make a big open space if needed to fit more people inside.


  • Front porch rainfly design providing shelter
  • Additional wet weather protection for dry entryway
  • Best tent for family car camping
  • Spacious with maximum headroom
  • Small packed size
  • Great value for money
  • Works as a two-room cabin


  • Boxy shape not suitable for extreme weather
  • Window flaps get stuck while wet

If you’re looking for a family tent which is spacious and affordable, and easy to pitch and take down, then the Eureka Copper Canyon LX is the best choice for you.

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REI Co-op Kingdom 6 Tent

REI Co-op Kingdom 6 Tent

REI has contributed some of the best tents in the world of camping, and the Co-op Kingdom 6 is one of them. In terms of livable space, comfort, weather resistance, setup, and durability, the Kingdom 6 checks all the boxes. If you want a high-quality tent and don’t mind the expenditure, you should unquestionably go for this tent.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 6’
  • Weight: 21.6 lbs
  • Peak Height: 6’3”
  • Floor Dimension: 83.3 sq ft
  • Setup Time:  10 min

Interior Space and Storage

Palatial Space

It sounds like hyperbole to call this tent a palace, but it’s actually not far from the mark. The tunnel-like shape, near-vertical walls, and two large doors make the tent roomier than it is. Technically other models have more livable space, but the barn-style design extends and maximizes the interior area. It’s not a dome shape, so the peak height goes for the length of the tent.

Plenty Of Storage Options

REI knows the struggle the campers go through to keep their personal stuff organized. So they included a whopping 22 pockets in the Kingdom 6! The pockets are integrated into the steep walls and the bottom of the tent. There are also plenty of overhead loops for hanging lanterns, laundry lines, and other items. Your stuff won’t be disorganized in this tent, that’s for sure.


Most six-person tents are ideal for four adults actually; however, the Kingdom 6 is an exception. Due to the long tunnel-like shape and a room divider in the middle, three people each can sleep on both sides. So the Kingdom 6 has a six-person capacity and can actually accommodate six persons as well. You’ll be cozy but comfortable even with all your gears inside. You can store the extra gear in the vestibule too.

The REI Co-op Kingdom also comes in four-person and eight-person capacities. If the Kingdom 6 isn’t the right fit for you, you can go for the smaller or larger tent, depending on your needs.

Durability and Build Quality

Premium Quality Materials

All REI tents come with premium quality construction, and the Kingdom 6 is no exception. The fabric of the rainfly offers a 75-denier thickness and able to withstand years of use. The 150-denier floor is doubly thick enough to bear multiple camping trips with your family and furry friends. The double stitching and sealed seams add more durability to the tent. You don’t need to concern yourself with damage from rocks and roots as there’s less chance of occurring.

Thick and Sturdy Poles

For maximum stability, you have to thank the five poles that criss-cross along the tent body. The poles and hubs are sturdy enough to keep the tent rooted to the floor. The multiple loops on the rainfly and guy lines are also responsible for keeping the tent grounded.

Weather Protection

Full Waterproof Coverage

The REI Kingdom 6 has been designed to stand strong against rainstorms, and it’s highly capable of doing its job. It can withstand even the heaviest rain shower thanks to its seam-sealed waterproof polyester rainfly. The huge rainfly almost covers the entire tent, all the way to the ground. The vestibule and rainfly completely cover one side of the tent, but the other side’s back door remains open. The back door acts as the fourth side of the rainfly, and capably prevents water from going inside.

Wind Protection

The long and tall sidewalls of the tent are more susceptible to high winds. However, when properly set up with guylines attached, the tent stays secure and stable. There’s hardly any chance of the tent collapsing or blowing away during a storm or high winds.


There’s not much to say in this regard, like outstanding weather protection, the Kingdom 6 offers excellent ventilation. The double door design and plenty of mesh panelings are enough to circulate airflow inside. Besides, the mesh is bugproof, so no more creepy crawlies coming inside to bug you. Another amazing feature is that the rainfly has four velcro vents at the top for additional airflow and prevents the inside from getting muggy during rains.

Set-Up and Take Down

At first, the setup may seem difficult and complex. But if you follow the instructions correctly, it won’t take you long to be familiar with the process.  A good idea is to practice setting up the tent before going camping, so you don’t feel like a noob later.

The tent, rainfly, poles all come with strategic color coding to simplify the process. The poles have pre-attached hubs, clips, and sleeves. The main dual-hubbed poles are responsible for the basic structure, and the three extra poles criss-cross over that for more support and strength. The whole process takes 10 minutes for two people working together. The taking down takes even less, and the more experienced you are, the less time it’ll take to fold and unfold the tent.

There’s one interesting feature, which is the small zippers in the main tent’s ceiling. You can zip open the tent and reach out to the high center clips without having to go outside or climb to reach the tent top.

Additional Features

Room Divider

The room divider is pretty convenient as it turns your one-room tent into two rooms. For additional space plus privacy, having two rooms seems a bit of a luxury. Many other tents also come with dividers. However, REI’s option is a bit special. It has a zipper in the middle and multiple sets of lops to connect to the wall. This way, you can divide the interior space evenly into two rooms or create one room larger than the other.


The front of the tent has a massive 29-square-foot vestibule where you can store gear, shoes, backpacks, etc. Using a couple of guylines and tarp poles, you can sort of create a front porch with an awning and place chairs there. Moreover, if you don’t allow dogs inside the tent, the vestibule can be turned into their sleeping place.

Convenient Carry Bag

The tent is a bit heavier to carry to and fro, but the good news is it comes with a handy carry bag. The inside of the bag is divided into three separate sections so you can put the poles, rainfly, and tent body. The outside pockets are perfect to put the guylines and the stakes. As the bag has backpack straps, it’s easier to transport the tent to camp, leaving your hands free.


  • Updated for increased stability and durability
  • Vertical walls and rectangular floor for maximum livable space
  • Multiple interior storage and vestibule
  • Large convertible rainfly for weather protection
  • Adjustable room divider for multiple rooms
  • Easy to set up, take down and carry around
  • Excellent backpack carrying case


  • Tall shape more vulnerable to high winds
  • Back door more exposed

The REI Kingdom 6 is one of the most spacious, well-designed six-person tents with excellent storage and weather protection. The price may seem a bit high, but if you consider the value, then buying it is a smart choice indeed.

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REI Co-op Base Camp 6 Tent

REI Co-op Base Camp 6 Tent

The REI Base Camp 6 shares similar features with the REI Kingdom 6, but it is more catered towards adventure lovers. This four-season tent has top-notch weather protection plus a rugged, durable build. It’s specially equipped to handle the stress of strenuous camping. All in all, the Base Camp 6 has an outstanding mix of quality materials, organization, and design features.

Here are the features explained in details:

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 9’2” x 9’2” x 6’2”
  • Weight: 20.1 lbs
  • Peak Height: 6’2”
  • Floor Dimension: 84 sq ft
  • Setup Time: 10 min

Interior Space and Storage

Dome-shape Tent

The Base Camp 6 certainly provides ample interior space for a group of campers. At 6’2”, the peak height may seem a bit short compared to the similar models, but it’s still high enough to move and stand at ease inside the tent. The dome-shape and the crisscrossing five pole design stretch the tent walls up and away nicely.


The large floor area inside the tent can fit two queen-sized mattresses plus your camping gear or six standard sleeping bags. But the fit will be really cramped and not comfortable at all. The tent is more appropriate for a group of three or four members. This will give you plenty of room to sleep, change, and move around.

Storage Organization

If you’re worried about organizing your gear, don’t worry. There’s no shortage of storage in this tent. It has a total of 14 pockets integrated inside the tent. You can use the lower eight pockets to stash extra layers, and the smaller upper pockets are great for keeping electronic devices and personal items. The overheard pockets at the end of the tents are for storing the zipped parts of the doors. Overall, you won’t find any faults in terms of interior organization.

Durability and Build Quality

Specifically designed for more adventurous campers, the Base Camp 6 is a sturdy and stable tent. The quality of the build and materials is clearly evident in its poles, stakes, rainfly, tent fabric, etc. The 75-denier fabric of the rainfly and tent body is durable enough; moreover, the full coverage polyester rainfly is resistant to stretching and UV rays as well. The coated and double-powered 150-denier polyester floor is abrasion and puncture resistant. So you’d hardly need a footprint to put under the tent. The aluminum poles are thick and sturdy, along with the tight, double stitching. No doubt, this tent is going to serve you for a long time with regular care.

Weather Protection

Four-season Tent

Being a four-season tent, the Base Camp 6 is specially equipped to handle all weather, even cold winter. The water-resistant strong nylon construction will give you protection from harsh weather conditions. The rainfly extends from the top all the way to the ground, fully covering the doors.  So you don’t need to worry about rainwater getting inside the tent. The rainfly is UV rays resistant, so you’ll be protected from the glaring sun as well.

Wind Protection

The Base Camp 6 has more of a dome style; therefore, it’s more apt for facing strong winds. If you use stakes and guylines to anchor down the tent to the ground, it remains stable in the wind of around 20 miles per hour. This tent is shorter than REI Kingdom 6 but better suited for wind and rain protection.


The roof and low side vents are great for warm-weather camping. However, the solid fabric sidewalls and full coverage rainfly limit the airflow inside the tent. The focus has been more on keeping out the natural elements and less on maximizing air circulation. As a result, the Base Camp 6 falls short compared to other mesh-heavy design.

Although in moderate or cold temperature, this doesn’t raise much of a concern. The tent has enough amount of mesh on the front door, sides, and roof to keep condensation under control inside.

Set-Up and Take Down

The Base Camp 6 easier to set up and take down compared to the REI Kingdom 6. Its poles, sleeves, and webbing come color-coded, so you just have to match up and clip everything together. It is better if you do the pitching with a partner, but it takes 10 minutes tops even when you’re doing all the work alone. There are detailed instructions attached to the stuff pack in case you face any difficulties and have to refresh your memory.

Additional Features

Wide Double Doors

The large double doors have a wide design, which gives all sleepers equal access to the two doors. You don’t need to crawl over someone sleeping when getting in or out. The doors have solid fabric for privacy reasons and also mesh lining for ventilation. While unzipped, the doors can be tucked into the rear end pockets giving the campers easier access.

Two Vestibules

The Base Camp 6 offers two vestibules which provide a covered space to store your outdoor gear. The large pole supported vestibule is placed at the front and the smaller stake-out one at the back. The vestibule stake-out loops are large enough to accommodate skis or split boards even.


  • Superb wind and rain protection
  • Durable and sturdy build with high-quality materials
  • Multiple convenient storage pockets and gear hang loops
  • Reflective trims and detailing makes the tent visible at night
  • Adjustable roof vents with easy zippered access
  • Multi compartmented storage bag included
  • Great for all weather camping


  • Limited ventilation
  • Slightly heavier

If your priority is durability and weather resistance rather than livable space, then the REI Base Camp 6 is the better choice.

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Big Agnes Big House 6

Big Agnes Big House 6

The Big House 6 has a lot going for it. Excellent headroom, a versatile fly, and lots of pockets combine to make this a really comfortable home away from home.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 9’10” x 8’4” x 6’9”
  • Weight: 14.8 lbs
  • Max Inside Height: 6’9”
  • Floor Dimension: 83 sq ft
  • Setup Time: 10 min

Interior Space and Storage

Ample Space

The Big House 6 lives up to its name with its impressive floor space and maximum height. The floor covers 83 square feet and maximizes the space around the edges. The tent offers a maximum height of 6 feet 9 inches, which is 5% more headroom compared to similar-sized models. Because of this, you won’t have to bend your head awkwardly at an angle.


The tent is designed to hold six persons at a time. Fitting six people may feel a bit cramped, but it’s definitely manageable. The best fit would be for four people, so there’s more room to move about. This model is also available in multiple sizes.

Multipurpose Doors and Windows

There are two large doors and multiple windows present in the tent. The doors open smoothly, making it easier to get in and out of the tent anytime. They are made from mesh and polyester and offer two closure options. The mesh part will give you better airflow and ventilation. But if you want complete privacy, you can zip up the polyester layer and be detached from the outside world.

Superb Organization Options

One of the advantages of Big House 6 is the number of pockets it comes with. Normally most family tents tend to have a couple of pockets at most. But here you’ll be getting four interior mesh pockets, two removable corner bin pockets, two media pockets, so eight pockets in total. There’s a quick stash doorkeeper on the tent body, which makes organizing better.

Durability and Build Quality

Rugged Frame

The quality of this Big Agnes tent is top-notch. The freestanding design is strong and rugged enough to withstand high winds and rains. The frame and the poles are made of shock-corded lightweight aluminum, which can withstand plenty of rough handling. Due to its rugged and durable quality, you can use this tent for years without having to replace it.

Durable Materials

The tent is also made with durable materials. The tent’s interior is made with lightweight polyester mesh and durable polyester ripstop. The rainfly and the floor are made with durable polyester with 1500 waterproof polyurethane coating. All the seams are taped with waterproof polyurethane tape. So the interior of the tent can remain leak-free.

Weather Protection

Being a three-season tent, the Big House 6 is more suitable for summer/spring camping rather than for winter camping. Despite that, the tent is storm-resistant due to its double-wall construction, sturdy frame, waterproof floor, and rainfly. You’ll certainly be protected from rain and heavy winds.

The rainfly acts as a protector by preventing water from coming inside and keeping you dry. The door zippers have storm flaps on them, and the seams of the door are taped and waterproof coated as well. The floor is doubly reinforced to prevent water leakage. Regardless of the weather outside, you are bound to be safe and comfortable inside the tent.


There’s mesh on doors and windows both, so you’ll be getting excellent cross ventilation. Moreover, the roof has mesh as well, providing you with optimal air circulation. The airflow makes the temperature inside the tent bearable.

Setup and Take Down

The tent comes with plastic clips and sleeves with color-coded webbing and buckles. Just attach the tent body to the pole frame using the clips, and you’re good to go. The interior of the rainfly has guylines and tensioners to provide perfect pitch and extra stability. For one person, it takes about 10 minutes to set up the tent properly. Being a freestanding tent, it’s already stable enough. However, on particularly windy days, you should stake the tent to the ground and secure it with guylines. That way, there’s less chance of your tent flying away during a storm later.

Additional Features

Shelter Mode

The shelter mode is about creating a large open shelter for providing shade on hot summer days. This shelter mode optimizes fast fly setup using the rainfly, poles, and webbing harness. You can also use the footprint that is sold separately to create a makeshift shelter without using the main tent body.

Packing Bag

The packing bag that comes with this tent is unique from most of the other tent models. The tent offers a backpack-style carry bag, which is essentially a backpack in function and form. It even has two adjustable shoulder straps and individual pockets to stash various components of the tent-like tent body, rainfly, stakes, poles, etc. This feature is a huge help while packing.

Multiple Loops

The tent also has multiple interior loops for hanging/attaching gear lofts, lights, and accessories.


  • Square shape and vertical sidewalls maximizing space
  • Made from high quality and durable materials
  • Reflective guylines and webbing for nighttime visibility
  • Lightweight for a family camping tent
  • Extra-large welcome mat on the front door
  • Well-crafted design for easy setup
  • Shelter mode and fast fly setup available


  • Footprint not included
  • Only one room
  • Not enough stakes

If you are a fair-weather camper with a small family, this tent is perfect for you. This tent will provide you with excellent long-term value along with its impressive space, versatility, and great weight-to-size ratio.

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The North Face Wawona 6

North Face Wawona 6

The North Face Wawona 6 is a three-season tent with excellent organization, ample space, and versatile features. For family camping, you’ll hardly find any tent more durable and reliable than the Wawona 6 Tent.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 10’ x 8’5” x 6’8”
  • Weight: 19.4 lbs
  • Max Inside Height: 6’8”
  • Floor Dimension: 86.1 sq ft
  • Setup Time: Less than 10 min

Interior Space and Storage

Spacious Design

The Wawona 6 has vast usable space, and most of it is covered thanks to its vestibule. The main tent has a maximum height of 6’8″, so you don’t even need to bend or bow your head inside. The vestibule height is about a feet lower, but that doesn’t create much of a problem as you just have to duck slightly. The floor has 86 square feet of space, and the pre-bent poles maximize the interior space even more. The vestibule at the front and rear add more space to the main tent area.

Doors and Windows

The tent features multiple doors and windows. There are two large windows positioned at the top, which provide great visibility and breathability. There are also three external doors and three internal doors. The inner doors are made of mesh so you can roll up and put them away. The windows have mesh and storm flaps on them. The zippers are outside, so you have to go outside to open or close them. This feature may annoy some campers, but it’s there to protect the mesh from extreme elements.

Integrated Storage

There are six mesh pockets to keep your belongings safe and close. The large-sized pockets are strategically placed inside the tent. You can stash your phone, maps, flashlight, and other essentials into the pockets. Each corner has pockets, and there is a row of pockets between the two inner doors on the porch side.


Similar to other 6-person tents, the Wawona 6 is a bit tight to fit six adult people inside the main interior space. There is space for two double air mattresses with plenty of foot and headroom around. So four people can fit in real, nice, and comfortable. If you consider sleeping in the vestibule, then there’s definitely room for six people.

Durability and Build Quality

Excellent Craftsmanship

Regarding the design and craftsmanship of the Wawona 6, you’ll seldom find any complaints. The North Face always delivers the highest quality products, and this model is not an exception. You can use the tent for years without having to worry about breaks or damages on your trips.

Strong Structure

The tent’s body, rainfly, and floor all are made from durable polyester with a PU-coated, water-resistant finish. For canopy fabric, 150D polyester taffeta is used. The floor has 75D polyester fabric, and the rainfly has 68D polyester, respectively. The poles are 14 mm heavy-duty aluminum poles. The poles have a couple of extra intersections, which makes the structure stronger. As the pressure is distributed over a longer section of the pole, the sleeves at the top have a much sturdier construction than the clips.

Weather Protection

Don’t think because of the single wall design; it won’t be able to hold outside elements. Instead, its design handles the wind extremely well without much bending or shifting. The dome shape and the criss-cross pole design provide better stability and protect from rain and storm. Moreover, the large vestibule offers enough space for you to stay dry and comfy inside. Even during rain, you can stay in the vestibule area without getting wet.


As mentioned above, the large windows let the breeze blow in and help to ventilate the inside of the tent. There are two large vents on opposing sides on top of the window, which help prevent condensation. Both of them are equipped with stiffeners, and you can close them if the need arises. Also, the inner flaps have zippers, and there are Velcro tabs outside. The inner doors have mesh, so even with the rainfly on the top, there is enough air circulation inside. If you feel hot and bothered with the doors closed, just leave them partly open using the kickstand to avoid the rain.

Setup and Take Down

Being a single layer tent, it’s pretty easy to set up the tent. The poles, sleeves, and clips all come color-coded, so you won’t have much problem recognizing which one goes with another. The sleeves are on the top of the tent, and the clips are on the sides. For setting up, put the gold poles on the gold sleeves with the gold clips. And do the same with gray poles through gray sleeves and clips.

You should stake out the tent to the ground and use guylines if there’s a chance of high winds. One person can assemble the tent in less than 10 minutes. The takedown and storage part is also an equally easy process. You just have to take out the rainfly first then and then put down the tent body.

Additional Features

Front and Rear Vestibules

There are two asymmetric vestibules located at the front and rear sides of the tent. The main vestibule is larger and located at the front. There are two entry doors from opposite sides so that you can enter from either side. You can easily use this space for sleeping or put a couple of chairs and a table. The rear vestibule has more of a standard shape with two zippers on the sides. This space is more suitable for gear storage.

Internal Dry Lines

There are internal dry lines, hanging loops, and a hook-and-loop lantern hanger on the tent. The built-in dry lines go all the way around the ceiling for hanging items. That’s why it also doubles as a laundry line where you can hang your wet clothes and put them out to dry. The lantern hanger has a Velcro loop on the top.


  • Huge multiple built-in vestibules
  • Tall ceiling height
  • Integrated storage and rainfly
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Functional and livable setting
  • Duffel bag for transport and packing
  • Great family tent for car camping


  • Limited views from the tent
  • Vestibule with a lower height
  • Have to go outside to zip/unzip windows and vents

Overall, the North Face Wawona 6 is spacious and accommodating, with an elegant design but rugged construction.

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Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Coleman Cabin Tent with Instant Setup

Not every camper loves the challenges of camping; some just want to enjoy by lazing around. And what’s better than a tent which comes ready to pitch in instantly? The Coleman Instant Tent is not only remarkable for its easy setup, but also it has larger dimensions, a stronger frame, and a solid design you can rely on.

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 10-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 14’ x 10’ x 6’7”
  • Weight: 42 lbs
  • Max Inside Height: 6’7”
  • Floor Dimension: 140 sq ft
  • Setup Time: 1 min

Interior Space and Storage

Comfortable Interior Space

With a floor space of 140 square feet and a center height of 6.7 feet, the Instant Tent has a pretty spacious interior. In dimensions and center height, it’s bigger than similar models. There are two doors and multiple windows on all sides, a mesh top, and a ground vent at the back. All these contribute to keeping the temperature reasonable inside the tent. There are also two integrated storage pockets to keep your small and valuable items organized. You can walk and stay comfortably inside with lots of space to move around.

Dark Room Technology

This tent uses a special type of absorbing fabric, which is designed to block sunlight. Compared to other Coleman tents, this Instant Tent blocks 90% of sunlight so you can enjoy sleeping even in the morning. The Dark Room technology reduces the temperature inside your tent despite covered in deep black fabric, and the light color rooftop reflects some of the sun rays. Moreover, it also protects you from harmful UV rays.


This is the largest Coleman Instant Tent with a 10-person capacity, but it’s also available in other sizes. You can get this model in 4-person and 6-person capacity as well. The Instant Tent is supposed to fit four queen-sized air beds inside two rooms. While it may be a snug fit to stuff ten people inside but it’s not impossible. To get the most comfortable feel, 7/8 people staying in the tent would be ideal.

Durability and Build Quality

Sturdy Frame

You are probably thinking this tent wouldn’t be able to handle much pressure as being an instant tent. In that case, you don’t need to worry about the sturdiness of the tent. With a very sturdy steel frame, it has been built to withstand winds up to 35mph. This tent is as stable as any other regular tents out there.


Larger tents tend to tear more, so the Instant Tent has used fabrics that are thicker and higher quality than the standard fabrics used for average tents. The tent walls have the rugged polyguard 2X double-thick fabric, and the floor is made from extremely durable 1000D polyethylene. The zipper cuff is made of weather-resistant coated fabric, and the fiberglass poles are strong yet lightweight.

Weather Protection


The Instant Tent offers great weatherproofing due to having Coleman’s innovative WeatherTec System. This feature ensures a dry interior and prevents water leaks. The tent has welded corners and inverted seams to keep water from getting inside. And the tub flooring with raised sides reinforces the structure and stops splashes of water from flooding in.

Wind Protection

The tent can hold on pretty well during windy conditions as well. The poles are thick and sturdy, but the joints are bendy and flexible enough to accommodate heavy winds. During storms, you just need to stake down and attach the guy lines to anchor the tent to the ground. This way, your tent will be protected.


With six windows and a full mesh roof, you can rest assured about the quality of ventilation. The windows are large and expansive and provide excellent air circulation. As they are bug resistant, you can keep everything open during the day but don’t have to worry about bugs crawling inside.

The rainfly has some vents, so it lets hot air rise and escapes from the top. When it’s raining, it will protect you from the water but won’t cut the tent’s airflow. That way, you’ll be much more comfortable.

Setup and Take Down

Instant Setup

The best feature of this Coleman tent is its incredibly fast setup time. In just about 60 seconds, you can have the tent pitched and ready to use. The tent comes with pre-attached poles, so you need just to extend and secure the guylines and stakes for a quick and easy setup. The takedown takes little time as well since you don’t need to take apart any of the frameworks.

Attaching the rainfly is also pretty simple as it comes with the Insta-Clip suspension system. Just clip the fly to the poles, and you’re good to go. If you’re a newbie and a first-time camper, the setup may take a couple of minutes maximum. But if you’re a veteran, you’ll be able to pitch the tent under a minute even. Most instant tents have a small capacity. So for a large capacity tent-like Coleman Instant tents, this is a massive and unique benefit.

Additional Features

Door Design

It has two doors for access from both the front and rear sides of the tent. The door comes in a patented hinged D-shape. This shape specifically works better for the larger tent as multiple people can enter and exit simultaneously. You can also keep it open without having to zip it constantly. However, if you are concerned about bugs getting inside, you can keep the door closed and leave the mesh windows open.

Removable Divider

The detachable curtain acts as the divider inside the tent, and this way, you can make two separate rooms. You can use one room for sleeping and the other for storage or family room. While you’re camping with another group, this feature comes even handier. If you want extra privacy, you can divide the space into two sleeping zones by using the curtain.

Reflective Guylines

The Illumiline reflective guylines are another convenient feature. The guylines are woven with reflective material, so they offer greater visibility at night. Trust us, with these around; there will definitely be fewer occurrences of tripping and falling down in the dark.


This Instant Tent comes with a detachable vented rainfly. The versatile rainfly will provide you with extra protection from rain and UV rays. It also improves the airflow inside the tent during hot days.

Expandable Carry Bag

The tent easily packs down into the carry bag it comes with. The bag expands with a rip-strip for extra storage space. Therefore stuffing the tent inside the bag won’t take much time and effort.


  • Simple design with sufficient space
  • Unique color scheme
  • Ingenious darkroom technology for blocking sunlight
  • Speedy setup in 60 seconds
  • Wind resistant up to 35mph
  • Rainfly offering extra protection and airflow
  • Integrated electronic port


  • Not suitable during heavy rainfall
  • Lesser quality stakes
  • Heavyweight

If you want to enjoy your camping in peace and avoid the hustle and bustle, then the Coleman Instant Tent is the perfect option for you. You can instantly set up the tent, rest comfortably inside the dark tent with ample space. And all of these come at a pretty affordable price.

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Marmot Limestone Camping Tent

Marmot Limestone Camping Tent

The Marmot is famous for producing reliable outdoor products, and the Limestone tents are no different. The Limestone 6P tent is built with care and attention to details, easy to pitch and take down, and more than enough room for a family or group members. Being sturdy, water-resistance, and built to last, the tent can pass off as a solid storm-ready shelter as well.

Here is the detailed analysis of the specifications:

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 10’ x 8’4” x 6’4”
  • Weight: 16.2 lbs
  • Peak Height: 6’4”
  • Floor Dimension: 83.8 sq ft
  • Setup Time: Less than 10 min

Interior Space and Storage

Generous Space and Peak Height

In terms of interior space, the Limestone 6P is more or less the same as other six-person models. However, Limestone’s size and peak height are still better than tents from a similar price range. The Zone construction uses vertical walls to stretch them outwards to create a roomier feel.


The Limestone 6P has a six-person capacity, but like most other tents, it’d be a bit of a struggle to fit six fully adults inside. The best fit would be three to four people. And for families, parents with multiple small children can fit this tent easily. Although the vestibule can store all your gear, so you have more space to sleep and move around inside the main tent.


The tent is pretty lightweight at only 16 lbs and can be packed into a carrying bag easily. Its carry bag is designed with a carry handle, which improves the ease of portability. The packed size is only 28 by 10 inches so that you can carry it even on motorbikes. This is a nice option which you can hardly find in other tents.

Inner Organization

You won’t find this tent lacking in the inner organization. As there is a total of eight gear pockets spread throughout the tent, you can keep your stuff neatly organized and within reach. There are two pockets on the bottom of the doors, four mesh pockets above the floor, another two on two sides, and the lampshade pockets in the opposite corners of the ceiling.

Durability and Build Quality

Quality Materials

The Limestone 6P is a well-designed tent built with top quality materials. The canopy is made of 68-denier polyester taffeta, the floor from 150-denier polyester Oxford and the rainfly fabric is 68-denier ripstop polyester. The upper walls and the ceiling are lined with 40-denier polyester mesh as well. Polyester does not absorb water, so your tent won’t become heavier when wet. The added strength makes sure the fabric stays rip/tear-free even after repeated use.

Quality Craftsmanship

The craftsmanship of the tent is excellent as well, with its full seam-taping and uniform stitching. The rainfly has vents with Velcro kickstands, one each on both sides. The floor is particularly strong, with doubly thicker and more durable polyester. It’s catenary-cut with straight edges at the perimeter, which increases floor space and seam-taped to prevent leaks.

The burly poles are made with DAC aluminum. These pre-bent poles help make a sturdy construction. The jingle-free nylon zippers are designed to prevent sticking to any of the door fabric or mesh, keeping everything intact.

Weather Protection

Impressive Rainfly Coverage

Being made of durable materials, the Limestone 6P is able to hold its own regardless of the weather. Moreover, the seam-taped rainfly provides full coverage with complete protection. With the rainfly on, you’ll stay dry inside even with the onslaught of water and wind combined. There are vents on the rainfly to let the air in. The vents can be kept open while it’s raining due to its crafty design.

Aerodynamic Tent

The Limestone 6P is a dome-style tent that means it has an X-shaped poles structure, stands very stable and smooth on the ground. Generally, tents with towering height succumb to strong winds easily without much resistance. But not Limestone tents. Even with the imposing peak height of 6’4,”, the tent performs remarkably well while faced with high winds.


The Marmot Limestone is a three-season tent; therefore, it suits warm summer days better than cold winter nights. It has a double-layer construction, with the inner tent being all mesh. So, keeping things cool and airy inside the tent is never a problem. The mesh-heavy design, vents on rainfly, and the near-vertical walls ensure excellent ventilation and a comfortable stay.

Set-Up and Take Down

The Marmot Limestone has a cross-pole setup similar to the North Face Wawona. With color-coded clips and poles, the whole process shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. The pole sleeve-clip combination makes the pitching quick and easy for everyone. Stretching the rainfly over the top of the tent can be slightly difficult to do alone. However, if you have a setup partner to help pull the rainfly over, then it won’t be a problem.

Additional Features

Multipurpose Vestibule

The vestibule has parallel double zippers, which can be used to create an awning. The vestibule size is adequate and effective for storing shoes and gear safe from elements. Using some poles and guy lines, you can pull the rectangular front out to create a veranda. The front rectangular portion of the vestibule is very wide and large but doesn’t offer much coverage. Despite that, it’s a nice feature to enjoy on sunny days.

Double Entrance

The Marmot has two doors, one situated at the front and the other at the rear. The front door is quad shaped and double-sized with two zippers on each side of the door. And the rear door is D-shaped. You can pull up the doors as a divider across the middle, turning the inside of the tent into double rooms. That way, you can have a kid’s room and an adult’s room.


  • Big sleeping area and extra headroom
  • Super-sized double door for easy entry and exit
  • Multipurpose vestibule and freestanding design
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Color-coded poles and clips for easy and quick pitching
  • Lampshade pocket to securely hold the headlamp


  • Vestibule not very large
  • Slightly expensive

The Marmot Limestone 6P tent is a great balance of quality and value. Sure, it doesn’t come cheap, but the workmanship, performance, and quality add more to the value of the tent, making it an asset.

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Caddis Rapid 6

Caddis Rapid 6

If you’re looking for an instant tent with lots of legroom, then the Caddis Rapid 6 is the clear winner. It offers solid construction plus durable design without making a big dent in your pocket. Its best feature is that you can set up this tent in under a minute, which is a huge relief. Being a three-season tent, you’ll also be protected from weather elements and get excellent ventilation all year round.

Here are the main features discussed in detail:

Specs & Main Features

  • Capacity: 6-Person
  • Product Dimensions: 10’ x 10’ x 6’8”
  • Weight: 25.8 lbs
  • Peak Height: 6’8”
  • Floor Dimension: 100 sq ft
  • Setup Time: Less Than 1 min

Interior Space and Storage

Cabin-like Spacious Interior

The Caddis Rapid 6 covers a huge floor area of 100 square feet with 6 feet 8 inches of maximum height. The high ceiling combined with the near-vertical sidewalls makes the inside of the tent roomier than it is. You can be certain never to bump your head on the ceiling unless you’re a giant yourself. There are screened windows on all four sides, and the door opens up to almost 360 degrees. Overall the whole interior gives off a cabin-like feel.

Capacity and Storage

The tent is said to have a capacity of six persons. However, it’ll be a bit of a squeeze to accommodate six adults inside the tent, no matter how spacious the interior seems. Although it’ll be a lot more comfortable to fit a family with small children and even possible for a maximum of six people. If you want more moving space inside, then four people sleeping inside would be the best fit.

Despite having no vestibule, the Rapid 6 compensates by having additional storage pockets. There are four pockets attached to the inside of the tent. Moreover, the integrated gear loft and side storage compartment are doubly convenient for keeping your personal items.

Durability and Build Quality

Solid Construction

Unlike most instant tents on the market, the Rapid 6 is solidly built with high-quality materials. The sturdy steel poles make it easy and quick to pop up the tent in a minute. Moreover, the walls and ceiling of the tent are made with thick 190-denier polyester taffeta, which is able to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Thicker Flooring

The walls are already made with thick polyester, but the floor is made with 210-denier polyester taffeta to make it more rugged and durable. Your tent will be safe from rocks on the ground, but even if it tears a bit, you can use the floor repair tape to mend it. The zippers and extension locks operate smoothly and easily as well.

Weather Protection

Weather Resistant Rainfly and Floor

As mentioned earlier, the tent is made with weather protective thick polyester taffeta. The rainfly overhangs a little over the front door, which offers protection from light rain and water. It may be shorter but more rugged than similar instant tent models. The bathtub-style floor is thicker than the walls, and the seams are taped, so there’s very little chance of water seeping inside.

Wind Protection

Due to the square shape and the joined pole design, the Rapid 6 is more vulnerable to windy conditions. However, the tent comes with additional stakes and guy-lines on all sides to prevent the structure from collapsing. When roping out the tent properly, you’d find the tent standing strong and rigid even in high winds.


There are multiple windows present, which helps to improve the overall ventilation. It’s pretty useful in warmer weather for getting maximum comfort. Plus, the mesh roof panel allows the trapped heat festering inside to get out the overhead. You’ll also have an uninterrupted night view of the stars in the sky before sleeping.

Set-Up and Take Down

True to its name, this Caddis tent is popular for its ‘rapid’ setup. In terms of setup time, the Rapid 6 is probably the best in the market. Instant tents come with permanently attached poles for a simple and faster setup. However, the Rapid 6 goes one step further with pre-attached poles and quick-pitch design. Just unfold the tent, extend the poles, and raise the tent structure. The simple design is more akin to unfolding an umbrella, only in a tent form.

This setup process takes less than one minute. And if you’re an experienced camper, it’d take 45 seconds tops. In no time, you’ll find yourself with a full set up and functional tent ready for use. Using the stakes and guy-lines, you can strengthen the tent to stand rigid ad straight. The takedown process can be done in a similarly quick and easy way. Just remember to compress the air out of the material, so it’s easier to pack into a case later.

Additional Features

Power Port

You can charge your electronic devices using the velcro-sealing power port that comes with the tent. It’s pretty useful in the middle of nowhere for providing access to an extension cord in case you need one.

Storage Bag

The bag comes in handy for carrying the packed tent around. Another nice feature of the bag is the small zippered pocket at the bottom for keeping the poles and stakes. Separating the pieces ensures zero chance of accidental ripping or tearing during the storage or transportation process.


  • Super quick and easy setup
  • Plenty of interior space and headroom
  • Rainfly better and higher quality than competitor’s
  • Improved strength and rigidity for durable construction
  • Great value option


  • Large and bulky packed size
  • Susceptible to extreme weather

The Caddis Rapid 6 may not have many snazzy features or accessories, but you can always count on it to deliver. Considering the craftsmanship and durability, you won’t find a better instant tent in this price range.

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Buying Guide

When you’re looking for the best family tent for camping, you need to be mindful of some factors first. A camping tent is already different from a backpacking tent. So when you want the best camping tent for family, that means the tent has to suit your family’s needs first. In general, the tent should have more space, more capacity, durable, weather-protected, easy to set, and above all – reliable.

In order to select your best tent for camping with family, let’s consider the following factors:

Interior Space and Comfort

The interior space of a tent is integrally linked with comfort. Not all campers have the same ideas of comfort, but the standard is more or less similar. Spacious interior, peak height, floor dimensions, capacity, storage space, etc., are considerable factors that lead to comfort.

Floor Dimensions

Most family tents provide information about floor dimensions or the total floor area. It helps to understand the basic design of the tent. Based on the design, you can make specific sleeping patterns or arrangements beforehand.

There are also different levels and types of floors available in the market. Some tents have a separate groundsheet as flooring; some have a built-in tub-style flooring. Furthermore, some family tents come with a vestibule which is floorless in total. The tub-style flooring prevents unwanted bugs and rodents from coming in, and you’ll be safe from rainwater or flooding as well.

Tent Height

The height of the tent is another concern to be considered. Peak height or maximum height indicates the highest point of the tent. The height will tell whether you’ll be able to stand upright or bump your head every time you’re inside the tent. You’ll also be able to move freely in a high standing tent.

Tent height increases the tent’s livable space, and it largely depends on the slopes of the walls and pole structure. Dome tents with X shaped pole designs offers peak height only at the center of the tent. On the other hand, tents with vertical or near-vertical walls have more room to walk around as the peak height extends out beyond the exact middle of the tent. Usually, family tents with a peak height of 70-78 inches are comfortable enough to stand upright inside and move easily.


Almost all the tents come with capacity information attached straight from the manufacturers. The capacity of a tent normally refers to the number of people sleeping inside—for example, four-person tent, six-person tent, eight-person tent, etc. Ideally, a four-person tent should be able to accommodate four adults with comfort. However, manufacturers often overstate the capacity, and the tent gets crammed and crowded.

That’s why the trick is to get a tent with a larger capacity. If you’re a party of four, look for a tent with a six-person capacity. That way, you’ll be able to sleep comfortably and still have extra space to move around. On the contrary, when you’re camping with small children, you have more leeway as kids don’t take up much space. In that case, any six-person tent will be more than enough for parents with four little children.

Weight and Packed Size

Having a larger capacity, family tents are bound to be heavier and bulkier than normal tents. Most of the time, weight and portability isn’t that big a deal for family camping. How you’re going to use your tent determines whether tent weight is a major concern or not.

For instance, if you’re going on backpacking/hiking through backcountry, you need an ultralight or lightweight model. But if you’re going car camping and stay in the same place for the duration, you can afford to have a heavier tent. When you don’t have to carry your tent the whole way, the extra weight won’t bother you much. However, not all family tents are bulky, heavy, and unyielding. There are many tents available with lightweight and compact design despite having a large capacity for space.

Besides weight, the packed size of the tent is another concern while camping. You need to consider the volume of the tent when folded for carrying and storing purposes. Most tents come with a nice carry bag to put the tent inside. You can also use a compression bag to limit the amount of space your packed tent takes up.


Built-in storage pockets are great for keeping your stuff organized. Most of the tents nowadays have integrated pockets on the internal walls or gear lofts in the ceiling. This way, you can save tent space and move freely inside. Moreover, the mesh pockets stop moisture build-up in the corners, thus keeping your electronic devices safe.

Some tents come with full coverage rainfly, which creates a space in front of the door called a vestibule. It’s a useful spot for storing gear and taking off/putting on shows. Some vestibules are large enough for sitting even. Also, look for hooks and ties on outer walls and tent ceiling. These are good for hanging lights or setting up clotheslines for drying.

Durability And Build Quality

Buying a tent is a long-term investment so look for a tent that is built with durable, solid, and quality materials. If you’re planning to use your tent on a regular basis, do not stint on quality. And even if you’re just a casual camper, you’d want your tent to last for a couple of seasons, at least. Sure, premium quality tents come with premium prices, but you can also find best camping tents for kids from budget-friendly options.

Some factors enhance the shorter-term reliability and the long-term durability of the family tents.  So consider looking for these options before buying your pick:

  • Cotton or polyester family tents will be heavier than nylon tents but more durable and stronger too
  • Different types of coating make the tent waterproof, tear and UV (ultraviolet rays) resistant
  • Polyurethane flooring to protect the tent from the ground and to prevent moisture and water from coming inside
  • Double stitching and seam-sealed fabric increases durability and water resistance
  • Robust and rugged zippers with smooth sliders so they don’t snag effortlessly
  • Rainfly with seam-sealed and weather-resistant fabric
  • Strong stakes and poles made of steel or aluminum, so they don’t bend or break easily

Weather Resistance

Most tents come with some level of weather resistance, as it’s an important criterion to consider. However, not all tents are suitable for all weather conditions. If you’re camping during the cold season, your tent should be able to withstand extreme cold. Even summer tents need to be able to withstand rain and storms and keep the water out.

You should keep in mind three criteria while checking the weather resistance of a tent:

  • Waterproofing / Water resistance: A tent made with waterproof fabric works wonder against rain. Even during heavy rain, you’d be safe inside your tent from flooding. Features like taped seams. rainflys with waterproof coating, seam-sealed zippers, and welded flooring all contribute greatly to improve weather resistance.
  • Wind resistance: Your tent should be able to withstand high winds and keep standing during storms. In that case, you should regard the pole materials and the design of the tent more carefully. For instance, poles made with aluminum are better and more robust than fiberglass poles.
  • Anti-UV protection: If the tent has an anti-UV canvas, you’ll be protected from the sun and sleep more comfortably in the morning.


Summer and springtimes are the prime family camping seasons, as most campers love to head out when the weather is nice. Therefore, the tent’s ventilation is a major concern. If your tent doesn’t have proper ventilation, you’ll be left with a wet tent. While at night, the sweat and breathing combined with humidity build-up in the form of condensation on the tent walls. So in the morning, you’ll find a very damp and wet interior.

To prevent ventilation issues, you should consider the following features while buying the tent:

  • Double-wall construction: Tents with a double-wall design permits airflow between the rainfly and the tent body.
  • Mesh ventilation panels: Large mesh ventilation panels or windows keep things reasonably cool and limits moisture build-up.
  • Deployable vents: Ventilation panels or flaps are incorporated in the rainfly to encourage better airflow.
  • Storm flaps: you can open the Awnings or large storm flaps which extend over the doors without exposing the tent interior to rain and storm.
  • Double-door design: Similar to a double-walled design, a double-door design provides better ventilation throughout the tent.

Ease of Setup

While buying a tent, set up, and takedown hardly factors into our decision. But later, when we’re at the camping site and struggling without any success, we keep thinking why we haven’t checked the difficulty level of setup beforehand.

Larger and heavier tents generally take more time to set up and take down. The trick is to look for a family tent with a simple design. When you’re camping with family members or a big group, you can easily partner up, and the setup takes half the time. A freestanding design, color-coded poles, grommets, loops, attachment clips, etc., are great features to ensure stress-free pitching.

For newbie campers, the setup process with multiple parts (tent body, poles, stakes, and rainfly) can be a bit overwhelming. In that case, automatic or instant tents are the solution to the struggle. Instant tents come fully assembled with poles permanently attached to the tent body. In just a couple of minutes, you’ll be done and dusted with your tent.

Additional Features

Not only space efficiency and ease of setup, but the best camping tent for family should also have excellent ventilation and weatherproofing. Tents with versatile features add more to the overall value. These features also increase the tent’s livability.

Here are some of the extra features to look for in a tent while shopping:

  • Screened Rooms or Porches: Some tents come with the screen room option, which offers extra shaded areas to sleep or to store camping gear. You can also use it as a family playroom.
  • Room dividers: The ability to put up the internal walls will provide you with more privacy when getting changed or sleeping.
  • Mesh panels: Having lots of mesh panels will improve ventilation and ensure air getting in, but bugs stay out.
  • Rainfly: It’s convenient for keeping the rain out of your tent’s interior. Some rainflys can be partially/fully opened, and you can enjoy the stars on a clear night.
  • Hanging loops: These come in handy if you want to hang lanterns, headlamps, or clothing.

Performance Analysis Depending on Criteria

Interior Space and Comfort

Camping is a time for relaxing, fun and enjoyment so the best family tent for camping needs to be to absolutely comfortable. True, comfort holds different meanings to different persons, but some factors are universal. For most campers, comfort largely depends on having lots of space, storage pockets, high ceiling, well-designed interior etc. Therefore, we rated the tents based on these factors.

TentInterior Space and Comfort Rating
Eureka Copper Canyon LX10
REI Co-op Kingdom 610
Big Agnes Big House 69
Caddis Rapid 69
Coleman Instant Cabin9
North Face Wawona 69
Wenzel Klondike9
Coleman Sundome8
Marmot Limestone 6P8
REI Co-op Base Camp 68

For the 1st place, there is not one but two tents ranked as contenders! Both tents have differing ways to offer comfort. For instance, the Coleman Instant Tent has a huge floor space and higher center height compared to similar capacity models. Moreover, the darkroom technology is designed to block 90% of sunlight and protects you from harmful UV rays. Even during daytime, you can be sound asleep without a care in the world.

For Eureka Copper Canyon LX, the comfort comes from its gigantic peak height. You’d hardly find another tent with 7 feet of headspace. Not only that, this tent also has a gear loft and multiple pockets for organizing your stuff. The freestanding design with near-vertical walls provide enough room to walk around freely inside.

The others on the list offer more or less similar dimensions and capacities. The Coleman Sundome, Marmot Limestone 6P and the REI Base Camp 6 ranked the lowest among them but not for having lesser comfort. Rather, these tents have more than enough space and comfort for anyone out camping. On our list, the lowest rating is 8. As a result it’s clear that all of the tents analyzed here have a higher than average level of comfort.

Durability and Build Quality

Durability largely depends on the overall quality of the tent. If your tent is made with cheap, low quality materials, you can’t expect the tent to last more one trip without getting damaged. Quality design, materials and craftsmanship are the secret ingredients of a solid, durable and reliable tent.  You’ll definitely want your tent to last for years right? Then focus on the build and material quality of the tent you’re buying.

TentDurability and Build Quality Rating
REI Co-op Base Camp 610
North Face Wawona 69
REI Co-op Kingdom 69
Big Agnes Big House 68
Caddis Rapid 68
Coleman Instant Cabin8
Eureka Copper Canyon LX8
Marmot Limestone 6P8
Coleman Sundome7
Wenzel Klondike7

The REI CO-op Base Camp 6 is specifically geared towards adventurous campers. So it’s no surprise, the tent comes as more rugged and durable than other models. The North Face Wawona 6 has a single-wall design but the material is thicker than even the double-walled tents. With additional thick mesh weave, the Wawona 6 is unique in durability. The REI Kingdom 6 ranked same as the Wawona 6 on our list. Due to the recent redesign, the Kingdom 6 offers improved durability with sturdy poles and thick materials.

Among all the tents ranking the 3rd place, the Caddis Rapid 6 is slightly different despite sharing the same rating. Considering the low price tag it comes with, the quality of the tent is much higher than similar priced tents.  The Coleman Sundome and the Wenzel Klondike tents getting the lowest rank are due to having an abundance of fiberglass materials. These tents are in no way any less quality, it’s just we prefer steel over fiberglass frame. They fare better against harsh weather conditions.

Weather Protection

Our consideration for this criterion was how the tent holds up against rain, winds, snow, sunlight etc. Because weather is a fickle thing, there’s no telling what’s you’re going to encounter while camping. So it’s better to be prepared for any weather conditions. The best family tent for camping will be able to give you protection no matter what. That’s why we chose all the tents with great weather resistance. Whatever happens on camping, at last you’ll be able to enjoy sitting inside your tent.

TentWeather Protection Rating
REI Co-op Base Camp 69
Big Agnes Big House 68
Eureka Copper Canyon LX8
Marmot Limestone 6P8
North Face Wawona 68
REI Co-op Kingdom 68
Wenzel Klondike8
Caddis Rapid 67
Coleman Instant Cabin7
Coleman Sundome7

The REI Base Camp 6 is ranked the highest because of the nature of this tent. As a four-season tent, it’s designed to handle rain, storm, and snow – in fact all weather. The water resistant extended rainfly will cover you from rain and the dome style design is more suitable to face high winds and storms.

Both the Coleman tents are protected from water, however against heavy rainfall they don’t fare well. There’s a risk of water getting inside during storms. And the Caddis Rapid 6 is more vulnerable to windy conditions due to its square shape. Although with enough stakes and guylines attaching the tent to the ground, your tent will be safe even in midst of a storm.


Ventilation is an extended factor to the weather protection. A tent’s ventilation is a major consideration specially when camping in the hot summer days. Tents with double walls, mesh panels, vents etc tend to encourage better airflow inside. Without proper ventilation, the tent gets muggy and stuffy which can be uncomfortable and sometimes unbearable. And in the morning, the humidity will build up to a wet and damp interior.

TentVentilation Rating
Coleman Sundome9
Eureka Copper Canyon LX9
Marmot Limestone 6P9
North Face Wawona 69
REI Co-op Kingdom 69
Wenzel Klondike9
Big Agnes Big House 68
Caddis Rapid 68
Coleman Instant Cabin8
REI Co-op Base Camp 67

Despite having a single-wall construction, the Coleman Sundome comes with adjustable mesh panels, vents and multiple windows. The fabric offers special protection from sunlight as well as keeping out the insects. The other tents on our list don’t have any issue on ventilation. All offer excellent ventilation and airflow as most of these are three-season tents.

The REI Base Camp 6 offers optimal ventilation as well, even though not on same level as the other models. Due to having solid fabric walls and full coverage rainfly, it can’t perform as fittingly as other mesh-heavy models.

Ease of Setup

As mentioned earlier, people hardly prioritize and think much about tent setup while buying the tent. However, setup and takedown of the tent is a major concern while you’re camping. The level of ease and time needed for setting up and packing down the tent determine how enjoyable your camping experience going to be. When your tent gives you a particularly hard time, you lose all excitement for the camping. That’s why the ease of setup was a vital factor in determining the best camping tent for family.

TentEase of Setup Rating
Caddis Rapid 610
Coleman Instant Cabin10
Marmot Limestone 6P9
North Face Wawona 69
REI Co-op Kingdom 69
Big Agnes Big House 68
Coleman Sundome8
REI Co-op Base Camp 68
Eureka Copper Canyon LX7
Wenzel Klondike7

There are two instant tents on our list and both have the highest rating. It’s no wonder as instant tents are the easiest to set up and in a record time even. The Caddis Rapid 6 has pre-attached, telescoping poles which you just need to put into place. You can be done in under a minute and without getting anyone’s help. Nothing can be easier than this!

The Coleman Instant Cabin has similar structure and application. It’ll take only a minute for you to pitch the whole tent. Moreover, the instructions are super easy to follow so your kids can join you or even put up the tent themselves. It can be a fun and bonding activity for the family.

The North Face Wawona 6 and the Marmot Limestone 6P are also easy to set up due to having a simple and straightforward design. In less than 10 minutes, the tents will be up and ready. The REI Kingdom 6 has a similar rating as these tents, despite taking more time to set up. The Kingdom 6 has zippers in the ceiling so you won’t need to go outside or use ladders to reach over the top to attach clips. This ingenious feature earned this tent higher rating in our list.

The Big Agnes Big House 6, Coleman Sundome, REI Base Camp 6 all share same level of difficulties and time to set up the tent. Therefore, these all have similar rating. The Eureka Copper Canyon and the Wenzel Klondike place the lowest on our list as they take the most time to put up the tent. It’s worth mentioning that these tents have bigger size than most and as a result takes up more time as well.

Additional Features

Having additional features and accessories is more like an afterthought. These are not necessary features but these improve the tent’s livability and comfort by a mile. The more features your tent has, the better. Having vestibules, room dividers, electronic power ports, rainfly, loops and hooks etc are some of the features included under this factor.

TentAdditional Features Rating
Big Agnes Big House 68
Coleman Instant Cabin8
Coleman Sundome8
Eureka Copper Canyon LX8
Marmot Limestone 6P8
REI Co-op Kingdom 68
North Face Wawona 67
REI Co-op Base Camp 67
Wenzel Klondike7
Caddis Rapid 66

Most of the tents have more or less similar accessories included such as having one or multiple vestibules, power ports, rainflys, hanging hooks, mesh panels, etc. Some bigger tents offer multiple rooms inside as a result of having built-in dividers.

The Caddis Rapid 6 ranked lowest on the list for having almost little to none additional features. Don’t mistake it as an inferior tent. Rather it’s a top-quality tent with standard features but hardly any extra accessories included. As a standalone tent, nothing comes close to it. But considering other models, it falls short of additional features.


Finding the right tent can be pretty overwhelming when you don’t know what you’re looking for. On top of that, every tent seems to offer something new – be it designs, features, accessories – there’s an endless string of options to choose from. So how would you know which tent is the right one for you?

That’s why we’ve come to help you, to narrow down the top choices currently on the market. We’ve reviewed and analyzed the models so you can find the best tent for camping with family.

Enjoy a happy camping with your family!

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