Condor 3 Day Assault Pack Review

Quick question, are you ready to go on a 72-hour adventure, and you’re looking for the best tactical backpack to aid and support you on your journey?

The Condor outdoor 3-day assault pack falls under that category, and not just because the company producing it is widely known as a manufacturer of bags. It’s the features and attributes of this particular backpack that makes it stand out among its peers. It isn’t called the Condor 72-hour pack for no reason.

One of the reasons why the backpack stands out is that it can be adjusted to fit your every need, size, and height, and also because it is particularly comfortable.

The Condor 3-day assault pack dimensions are 22” H x 17” W x 11” D 3038 in3 – 50L, with a weight of 2.5 pounds. Comfortability normally isn’t what you’d associate with a bag of that dimension, but this one completely breaks that stereotypical thought.

Why is Condor 3-Day Assault Pack Our Recommendation?

There are many reasons why this backpack is a fan favorite: durability, check! Adjustable shoulder strap and hip belt, check. Hydration bladder pocket, check! Inner pockets and compartments with ample space, check! Body contour shoulder straps with integrated D-rings, check!

You’re certainly in for a joyous ride of comfort. Now, let’s compile these reasons into categories:


As the bag was specifically designed to be a companion for outdoor outings, you can only imagine it would be made to accommodate any and all the equipment you might need. That is why it was made to have a lot of compartments.

The main compartment is 40L, which means you don’t have to worry about having enough space to keep your stuff organized. The double zipper on the top also makes it easy for the bag to be opened.

On the front side of the pack is a compartment with six molle webbing straps and velcro straps, which can serve as an attaching aid for patches and identification.

Below that compartment is also another 3L compartment where you can safely store your accessories away.

Just Your Size

The Condor 3-day assault pack is an optimized product that has been designed with a moderate size. Any average adult definitely won’t have any problem carrying the backpack. It has a capacity of about 3038 cubic inches and a total dimension of 22″ x 17″ x 11″. All in all, it’s moderately built.

Heavy for You? Not at All!

You might be thinking “how am I supposed to carry this with everything I’ve packed in it?” it’s no problem for you as precautions have been taken. Body contour shoulder straps fitted with D-rings are present to ease carrying it and also for equipment attachment. A sternum strap and removable waist belt are also included to enhance comfort and support. The pack is practically fitted to ensure users have no problem carrying the bag while also assuring satisfaction.

Support System

When you think of support, what comes to mind is ease. That is exactly what the condor tactical 3-day assault pack offers.

The shoulder straps are certainly something to look forward to, as they are padded with a thick layer of padding which would rub off nicely on you. And as they are wide, there is no cause to worry about the straps cutting into your shoulders, the straps are guiding against that.

As an added advantage, there is a molle webbing feature on the straps that you can do whatever you want, which includes hanging a flashlight on it, and it does also come with a sternum strap as well.

At the back of the backpack is enough padding that will allow a flow of air to your back, and also make the bag balance perfectly on your back (What was that thing Thanos said about balance? Hehe)


The backpack is made from 1000D nylon, which means it can’t tear or fall apart and it is also water-resistant. Go diving with the bag at some time. The best part about its durability attribute is that, even though it is made from a 1000D, the backpack remains light.

Its durability is also thanks to the heavy-duty high-quality zippers it comes with, which ensures that nothing you don’t want to get into the bag, gets into it.


These condor bags can serve whatever purpose you need them to, in any kind of condition. The backpacks can also be customized and personalized, and if you’re lucky enough that your favorite color is among the five colors the backpack comes in, you can opt for it too!

The 72 Hours Pack

Yes, it’s also the 72 hours pack. It was created to provide users with the opportunity to be prepared for any situation while they are out on travel for at least three days. Awesome, right? Imagine not having any worries on your trips while just carrying a pack. This was possible because of the multiple dimensions the bag has coupled with the ability to expand to accommodate stuff.

Great Design with Lots of Varieties

The Condor 3-day assault pack has been designed to have a nice and simple form. It has been specially created with the idea that users can do more with less. It is black and has a very eye-catching condor logo on its body. Another thing is, it’s not just in one form. It comes in different colors to suit the taste of every individual. There are the;

  • Condor 3-day assault pack Multicam: this one here is a convoy pack that has a different color from the condor 3-day assault pack. It has the same design as it but comes in a Multicam color.
  • Condor 3-day assault pack olive drab: this product is also very similar to the condor 3-day assault pack but also differs in the color it has. As the name implies, it was designed with a fresh olive drab color.


  • It comes with a carry-and-drag handle.
  • It is a 50-liter backpack with a supportive sternum and waist straps.
  • It can go for 72 hours of exploration.
  • Hydration is compatible with up to 2×3-liter bladders.
  • 1,000-Denier Construction.
  • There are external compression straps.
  • It makes way for easy organization.
  • The waist belt is removable.
  • And it is affordable.


  • The zipper flaps might get in the way when you want to close the bag.
  • The bag might be tall for your body or hang way lower, but this all depends on your height.


Who is the bag for?

The bag is for survivors, campers, hikers, travelers, etc. If you think you need this type of bag, it’s for you too! Just go get it.

Does it have enough space for a 3-day camping trip?

Yep. It has a ton of compartments, which means there is more than enough space for all your equipment.

Do the straps have molle webbing?

The condor tactical expedition combat 3-day assault backpack comes with shoulder straps armed with vertical molle straps. It is only the waist strap that does not have a molle webbing.

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