Garmin Montana 680T Review

Well, Let’s take an overall idea about multifunctional GPS devices which are manufactured by the Garmin company. Most probably you will need all these suggestions because they will tell you about a few beneficial pieces of advice for buying the perfect GPS device.

There are many of us who think a GPS device is good when it costs too much, and if the price is low, the device is definitely bad. On the other hand, some of us, on the contrary, may think that it is only a GPS device so we should not invest huge money to afford this ordinary device!

Actually, both of our thoughts are not always true. The good quality of a GPS device depends on a number of features not only on its prices.

So, do you need an explanation?

Okay, let’s start to explain the excellent features of the Garmin Montana 680t, a branded but relatively affordable and fantastic usable GPS device.

Use your smartphone only as a phone, not as a GPS device

Do not overload your smartphone by unnecessarily draining the battery charge using its GPS function.  Keep a Garmin Montana 680t near you at any travel and enjoy the various benefits of technology while navigating your journey.

Play a Geocaching game

You can make your time thrilling by using this device. Start to play a geocaching game with this device. This device is already preloaded with around 250,000 geocaches.

Enjoy digital topographic maps

Garmin Montana contains preloaded TOPO USA 100K maps, never miss utilizing digital topographic maps of the whole USA.

Find both the GPS and GLONASS activities

Even in deep canyons, Or in the high mountain range this device can trace your position quickly and accurately by receiving both the GPS and GLONASS signals.

Let your fingers touch a super display touchscreen

It is made up of a suitable touchscreen display with a 4” size, image viewing resolution is amazing. Besides this, you have a scope to utilize which is hand gloves friendly and sun-readable facilities with this screen.

Click your memory at a glance

You can set auto-focus or manual focus while taking pictures. You will be able to capture high-quality photos with an inbuilt eight-megapixel camera. Garmin Montana also offers geotagging facilities for all images with their corresponding coordinates.

Strengthen your security

A GPS device is used for location tracking.  That’s how we came to know.  Beyond the conventional concept, the Garmin Montana 680t GPS device has a wide variety of uses. This device will place you in a group with all members of your family or friends,  you can connect with anyone in this group and can share mutual locations with each other. It also has the ability to track locations in real-time.

Finally, never delay your next tour

We have our own base camp efficient software. Installing that software,  you will be able to see the details (well-organized maps, way-out, tracks, difficulties of any way-out, etc.)of any tour plan thus you will be able to make time and money-saving perfect tour plan.

Product Description

Garmin company manufactured this highly branded GPS device, this device is a location tracker and it contains a 4” digital touchscreen display with dual orientation. This display is sun-readable and hand-gloves friendly.

This GPS device has an in-built high qualities camera with an 8-megapixel resolution. Since it has an automatic focusing setup, you do not have to set it manually. Any image captured by this device will automatically be geotagged with the coordinates.

There is a preloaded digitalized whole  USA map in this device which has a 100k resolution. Also, you will get here a one-year subscription to BESI.

Montana 680 has excess to both GPS and GLONASS. Some other facilities, such as- a 3-axis compass, and barometric altimeter, and include 250,000 preloaded geocaches make this device very suitable to share your tracklogs, way-out, and geocaches to other Garmin Montana 680t users.

Features and details

  • The device has an eight-megapixel in-built camera, It can be used to take good resolution pictures. It also belongs to geotagging facilities of all pictures with the coordinates.
  • It is a waterproof device, any dump, moisture or water cannot do any harm to this device.
  • Durable for long years, so you don’t even have to think about replacing it in your lifetime.
  • Unlike other models of Garmin, it has come into the market with a track manager. You can well organize your track log using this track manager.
  • Garmin company is offering you this device with one year warranty with a Lithium-ion battery backup. One USB cable, one charger, and one quick start guide are also included in this offering.

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  • Geotagging facilities with 8 megapixels camera.
  • One year free submission BESI (Birdseye satellite imagery).
  • Topo USA map is preloaded here with 100k resolution.
  • It belongs to a super touchscreen display, which is sun readable and you can work on it even by wearing hand gloves too.
  • Offer a dual orientation with a screen of 2” by 3.5”.
  • So fast GPS devices can trace you in heavy weather too.


  • Though it is preloaded with the digital USA map, unfortunately, city navigator maps are not loaded in this device.
  • Battery backup for this device is 22 hours for AA battery and 16 hours for Lithium-ion batteries. But practically it does not match with our said hour. Some of our users reviewed that they got a 20 hour backup with an AA battery and 16 hours backup with a Lithium-ion battery.
  • It is a highly expensive GPS device.



So, never miss any hiking, hunting, or even any solo traveling to any deep wood forest or deep mountain range For fear that you will be lost alone. Never forget to take a Garmin Montana 680t with you in your backpack, this device may not protect you from the attack of any Violent Animals (I’m confused, about whether you really need this help in the future!) but be assured that it will not let you lose you alone from your friends and from your family.

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