Garmin Oregon 600 Handheld GPS Review

While you’re on a road trip or an adventure mission, the last thing you want to worry about is your location. Bringing a little GPS device on your every mission can let you enjoy your outing without worrying about being lost in an unknown situation. Garmin Oregon 600 is one of the best handheld GPS devices whether it needs to accompany you in your adventure mission or prevent any unwanted loss in any rough situation.

From the advanced display technology to the dual battery system, Garmin Oregon 600 should be the best pick. It’s so user-friendly that any level of GPS user can find it interesting using it. You can add worldwide maps very easily. And you can also connect to other Garmin devices wirelessly within a blink of an eye. This Garmin Oregon 600 review is going to expose all the key features and flexibility of this awesome device in front of you. So stay tuned!

Why Do We Say the Garmin Oregon 600 is the Best Pick?

The Oregon 600 is the largest and greatest update so far among all the Oregon series of the Garmin model. It is one of the most cost-effective handheld GPS devices in the market. It has all the features any traveler can ever imagine while they’re on a trip into any wilderness. The Garmin Oregon 600 is a simple yet efficient worldwide handheld GPS. Let’s dive into its specialty for what we call it the best!

Some of the Key Features

  • 3-Inch sunlight-readable, touchscreen display with multi-touch capability
  • Dual-band GPS/GLONASS satellite positioning
  • Sensors (3-axis compass, accelerometer, barometric altimeter)
  • ANT or Bluetooth technology
  • Dual battery system -2 AA batteries or NiMH battery pack charged by Oregon

Interactive Touchscreen

An efficient touchscreen system will certainly give you the ease of interacting with the screen on your display. Thus, Garmin Oregon 600 provides you with the best reflective display technology which has 3-Inch sunlight-readable touchscreen feature. While you’re experiencing some extreme sun glare on your trip, the sophisticated sunlight-readability will help you get more readable GPS than most. So, you no longer have to worry about the sunlight on your day trip.

The Garmin Oregon 600 consists of a superb responsive touch screen technology that comes with strong impact resistance. The multi-touch and dual orientation views can give you the smooth experience of using the touchscreen to operate the device. You can hit exactly what you want on the screen as there is no problem with the responsiveness.

Boost the Power into Double

You can never be too careful about running out of energy when it comes to tiny yet essential devices like GPS. While you’re hiking or fishing, you definitely won’t like to have an empty battery. So, keeping this in concern, the Garmin Oregon 600 handheld GPS brought you the best cutting-edge dual battery system in their latest GPS device.

You can power up your device by using two traditional AA batteries or an optional rechargeable NiMH pack. The optional NiMH pack gets charged by the unit itself when the device is connected to external power. Either way, you’ll always have enough battery life to get you through any adventure.

Get Your Bearings

The Oregon 600 came up with the built-in 3-axis electronic compass and accelerometer tilt compensation. These technologies are effective in showing you where you’re heading even if you’re standing still. It also can help you in changing weather conditions.

Oregon 600 can precisely locate your position in a short time as it has a high-sensitivity, WAAS- and GLONASS-enabled GPS receiver and HotFix® satellite prediction. With such advancements, it can maintain the GPS location even in bulky cover and deep canyons.

Works Wirelessly With Other Garmin Devices

This awesome GPS device from Garmin came up with strong ANT or Bluetooth that allows you to share all of your locations, and other important data like geocaches, customs maps, tracks, waypoints, and large media files to your friends with other wireless Garmin GPS devices. And this sharing process will reach up to 50 times faster with any of the other wireless Garmin devices that you might be able to find.

Load All the Geocaches

You no longer have to pick, choose and plan. You can just download them all at once. The latest Oregon 600 has an extraordinary capacity that can hold up to 4 million!

So, forget about delaying, and download the cache on altogether. You can load all the caches from GSAK and use GGZ supported program or website as your preference. View the cache photos. And then filter them by size, type, terrain, difficulty, and then connect to the caches that are chirp-enabled. Do it all you want at a single station!

Add Maps

The large storage memory included in the Oregon 600 certainly helps you add multiple maps at once in the GPS. So, you can have any of it at the time of your need. The kayak GPS can hold all of the different maps you need although one of the maps is already added with your initial purchase. It is very easy to add some additional maps in such a large storage facility in GPS.

The specialty of Oregon 600

The specialty of Garmin Oregon 600 is the portability of it. It supplies a great quality of GPS tracking service while also being smaller than most other GPS devices at a mid-range price. It provides a high level of GPS mapping and positioning at a very affordable rate that many GPS brands cannot provide. So it is definitely value for the money.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H2″ title=”Pros & Cons” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Check Price” disable_button=”no” button_link=”” button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Highly portable and easy to set up
  • 3-inch, sunlight-readable display
  • ANT or Bluetooth data sharing
  • Dual-band satellite positioning
  • Dual battery system
  • Large storage


  • Maps are not routable
  • Poor water-resistant technology


Final Thought

If you’re having a cross-country road trip or trekking out in the middle of nowhere, a little GPS device like Garmin Oregon 600 can give you a simultaneous update about where you are at any given moment. It is by far the best GPS device when it comes to easiness and simplicity. If you’re a new user of GPS or want less trouble finding your route, then Garmin Oregon 600 handheld GPS is going to be the best pick for you.

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