Goruck GR1 RuckSack Review

The Goruck GR1 Rucksack is a tactical military backpack that is manufactured from durable, abrasion-resistant 1000D Cordura with silent YKK zippers made from parachute 550 cord. A removable hard plastic frame sheet supports the integrity of the pack as you weigh it down, and a rainproof exterior and also a bomb-proof laptop compartment not to mention false bottom design ensures your most valuable cargo stays safe. It includes extra-padded straps and top handles to help prevent discomfort and keep you moving freely, longer more easily, and durably.

The backpack’s volume can be either 21L or 26L. It also includes Sternum Straps and Padded Hip Plates that are made in the USA. The length of the bag could be from 18” to 20”. It also comes with 3 Rows of internal and external MOLLE webbing. There are some other features as well like 3 Internal (one large elastic, one large mesh zippered, one small zippered) plus an External slant pocket for quick access to small items. Last but not least, it has a hydration port as well.

Key Features

Size and Volume

There are basically two types of size these rucksacks come in. One is 21L and the other is 26L. This version of 21L gr1 rucksack has a minimalist design to it. If you are looking to use it for carrying everyday essentials, you cannot go wrong with it. The key features of Goruck g1 rucksack are there but with some slight altercation.

According to Goruck’s ideal size reference chart, you should size up. If you only ever going to use it as a daily carry for the key items you take to and from work and you don’t want your bag to be saggy when you had it packed with your gear, then this will be the perfect backpack for you.

The straps are robust, connect to the bag solidly and attach directly to the top of the backpack, allowing it to sit super close to the tops of your shoulders.

The width of the straps is generous, as is how wide-set they are. The fit is fantastic overall. The thickness of the bag is right on, not too thick, not too thin even if you load it up the weight is never pulling you back because it sits high and tight against your back. Lastly, It’s a solid backpack to invest in.

However, The 26L gr1 rucksack is bigger and bulkier than the 21L version. It’s not much different than the 21L version but the main difference is in the volume.

So if you want a backpack that will ease your travels and long journeys, 26L is the one you should go with. The Size reference stands.

Also, you can carry a lot of items essential for a long trip without feeling it weighing you down. This is one of the key features of Goruck gr1 series rucksacks. It has a big volume and a lot of room, more room than the 21L version but that doesn’t mean it’s not minimalist. It still offers a lot of less complex ways to go around and sort the stuff inside the backpack and due to the extra rooming you could organize it more efficiently.

Pricing and Colors

These gr1 rucksacks are all made in the USA. It comes in mostly black but it’s also available in some different colors such as Black, Navy, Black plus Silver, Black Multicam with Fluorescent Orange, Camo Green, Coyote Brown, Coyote Brown with Navy, Maroon with Silver, Red with Navy, Navy with Gold, Ranger Green.

The price range starts from $295.00 to $345.00. Depending on the color the pricing varies.

Dimension and Accessories

The 21L GR1 is 18″ tall and the 26L GR1 is 20″ tall. The classic 21L GR1 fits all shapes and sizes. If you want 5 additional liters and 2” of additional height, go with the Larger 26L. When moving through airports, commuting, or rucking, the goal is for your ruck to be high on your back. No matter how tall you are, the 21L will rest 2” higher than the 26L. But you can always go with a slightly smaller and compact one 21L.

So, in conclusion, the dimension of 21L is 11.5” W × 18” H × 5.5” D and for 26L the dimension is 12” W × 20” H × 6.75” D.

There are basically four accessories that come with Goruck gr1 series rucksacks. They are Padded Field Pocket – GR1 (3L), MACV-1, Rucker 20L, and Hydration Bladder.

The Padded Field Pocket is basically to organize your electronics, you can also use it as a Dopp kit, for camera gear, or with your rucksack for additional space and organization. The padding keeps contents inside protected and the additional 3 interior pockets to keep you organized.

MACV-1 is a jungle boot. Inspired by Vietnam-era Jungle Boots. These were worn by MACV-SOG and other Special Forces units in the ’60s. Modernized to today’s all-terrain requirements of traveling, training, rucking – and assaulting.

The Rucker 20L is a backpack that comes in handy very easily. It’s lightweight. It integrates with Ruck Plates, which, unlike laptops, don’t break. And if any other company had built the Rucker. It can be used as a laptop bag as well.

The hydration Bladder is also a very essential accessory of the Goruck gr1 series. It’s basically a source of hydration systems. They have been tried, tested, and recommended by Special Forces soldiers in war. They are tough, easy to clean, and perfectly compatible with the rucksacks.


An ideal Setup for Goruck gr1 backpack looks like this, GR1 Field Pocket (attached and centered on internal MOLLE) holds business cards, Bluetooth mouse, pens, miscellaneous small stuff. This leaves 2 columns of MOLLE (one on each side of the Field Pocket, each of which has a leather strap/HK clip for hanging things like keys, etc.). Echo Field Pocket (unattached) in the main compartment holds first aid items. The elastic pouch holds a pad of writing paper. The top zippered pocket holds my Moleskine planner/calendar thing. Mesh zippered pocket holds a Wire Dopp (with laptop charger/cord in it). External slant pocket serves as a quick drop for stuff like wallet, keys, etc. Laptop in the laptop compartment.

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  • The Gr1 21L is a bit smaller than the 26L. So, for everyday use, the smaller one is more appropriate.
  • Gr1 21L has a lesser room than 26L so you cant carry as many items as you could in the 26L.
  • The 26L might feel like it’s lowering you down but the 21L is really lightweight.


  • No cons found so far


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