Goruck GR2 Rucksack Review

If you are looking for a brutal backpack that can survive almost anything then you are in for a treat. GoRuck GR2 tactical military backpack is the one for you. The backpack is nearly immortal, and you can use it your entire lifetime. You can take it anywhere, no matter what the weather is or what you are carrying in it. It can lift the weight. The military-grade durability, cool appearance, and tactical features are worth the price and you will not regret having it.

GoRuck has been with the athletes, hikers, and adventure-loving people since 2008. The company has gained a lot of popularity over the years for its sports equipment and especially the “GoRuck Challenges”.

GoRuck has already introduced GR1, a hybrid of travel backpack and daypack.

It is a perfect travel backpack as well as a daypack. You can literally through anything at it and it can take it. But this time they have gone a step forward. They have introduced the GR2 backpack which is an army grade backpack.

You must be thinking about why call it army grade? Isn’t it being overrated? But trust me it is not being overrated or overhyped. It is actually a military-grade tactical backpack. It is strong and almost indestructible.


Now let’s talk something about the material and build of the backpack. The backpack is made of Cordura Nylon. Cordura Nylon is a special kind of fabric that is used to make military wear.

This fabric is fraction proof, water-resistant, and dust resistant. Fabric made by this technology is highly durable and it has two layers on the bottom.

So, you can imagine how much your backpack is going to last. You will get two sizes of this backpack GoRuck GR2 40L and GoRuck GR2 34L. You can say by the size, the bag is huge but yet it is easily carriable. To describe the built quality, it can be compared with batmobile.

Seriously, just imagine how batman would make his car and you will get the picture of the built quality of the bag.

As mentioned earlier, the bag is water-resistant and can protect what is inside it from heavy rainfall. It has one big flat front pocket in which you can throw anything, and it will fall to the bottom which does not let the bag bulk up.

The internal organization of the bag is much more advanced. There is a main compartment in which you can organize your clothes or other large things. There are built-in pouches in which you can organize the smaller things. You can carry your 15” laptop quite easily in it. The straps of the bag are adjustable and really comfortable, and it does not cause any pain in the shoulders or back.

The look of the bag is really cool. People may think that you are actually in the military if you get the ‘Camo Green’ one and it is cool. Overall if you are looking for a bag that can hold a lot of stuff comfortably yet looks really cool then go for it!

What’s in there?

Let’s take a walk through the GoRuck GR2 travel backpack and see what it has and whatnot.

The Main Compartment

The main compartment of the bag has a clamshell opening and because of it, you do not have to grope around the bag. You can easily access everything inside the compartment.

There is a hole on top of the main compartment which will take you to the laptop compartment and bottle compartment.

You can easily customize the main compartment of the bag using the Molle webbing rows. There are a couple of them in the bag.

You can clip any Molle compatible accessories in the bag as you seem fit. You can put any documents or flat objects inside the laptop compartment beside your laptop.

You can fit your clothes easily in the main compartment as long as they are folded nicely or rolled up.

You can take an extra pair of shoes if you put it at the very bottom of the bag.

In one word you can fit any of your heavy or large items in the main compartment. And it is recommended that you keep your heavy items in the main compartment as it is closer to the center of gravity of your body. It will prevent you to bend down.

Front Pocket

The front pocket is flat and also clamshell opening which makes this secondary compartment easily accessible as well.

This compartment has some small sub key pockets that give you a lot of advantages in organized packing. Inside there is a large zipped pouch that has two inside dividers.

You can use packing cubes in this compartment.

For those who do not know what a packing cube is, it is a small secondary bag within the bag that helps you pack things and save space. As this compartment does not have as much space as the primary compartment, a packing cube can really prove to be handy.

You can put any small items or large items that do not move much. In the mesh pocket, you can keep your passport or IDs or your credit cards.

The same goes for the second mesh pocket. You can easily put your camera battery, phone, or laptop charger, headphones, and even a small speaker. As it is the utmost compartment of the bag, you should keep things that you might need to grab quickly like a pen, pencils, keys, or some extra money.

Which One to Pick?

Are you thinking about GoRuck GR2 34L vs 40L? Are you have trouble picking one? Let’s talk about the difference between the two sizes.

GR2 40L is just 5 centimeters taller than the GR2 34L in length but the rest of the measurement and dimension are the same.

The 40L does weigh almost a quarter kilogram more though. But both of them do not look bulky when they are full because both sizes have managed the space in a great way.

So, you do not have to worry about which size you should get. Then again if you need a bag that can carry more weight then go for the 40L and if a smaller one is okay then get a 34L.

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