Igloo BMX 25 Review

Whether you like to pack heavy or not, you can’t deny that a cooler is probably the best camping gear ever. It protects your favorite beverages and serves them chilled. Besides, coolers come in handy more often than you think. It doesn’t matter if you’re basking in the sun or sitting all bored in a faraway campsite. The snacks and drinks in the cooler can pick up your mood like nothing else. That brings us to our Igloo BMX 25 review.

Starting out as a small-scale metalworking shop nearly a century ago, this American company named Igloo now manufactures the best hard coolers and soft coolers in the world. Their incredible cooler collection covers everything from fun beach parties to challenging hikes.

If you’re a camping maniac like us, you sure have seen their Trailmate Journey hauled across forest trails on its oversized wheels. On the same note, we won’t be surprised if you popped open a beer from their Party Bar and wanted something like that for yourself. The 25-quart Igloo BMX hails from their brilliant BMX cooler line. Let’s see what it has in store!

Igloo BMX Features

Below we’re going to discuss the specs of the 25-quart BMX cooler by Igloo. But before that, you need to know what to look for in a cooler. While the features vary with your intended use, there are some things we can all agree on- size, insulation quality, ice retention, maneuverability, and durability. You’re about to find out how this brand-new Igloo cooler holds up in these criteria.

Cooler Box Profile

For starters, this 25-quart cooler box is 19.59 inches long and 13.25 inches wide. With a decent height of 15.7 inches, this is not going to be your party-ready cooler box that contains enough beer for the full house. Rather it’s a mid-sized cooler that you can take on a road trip with a small group of people. It’s also of the perfect size for a family day out at the beach or a weekend camping trip.


If your cooler has average insulation, packing expensive steak cuts for a barbeque on the campfire will go down the drain. Luckily for you, the Igloo BMX comes with insulated lids and thick foam walls. They give all-around protection from sudden temperature drops and improve the ice retention capacity. On top of that, its T-latches firmly secure the lid closure and prevent outside heat from entering the cooler.


The exterior of the Igloo BMX is not just about the looks. Its durable construction makes it a quality camping cooler for outdoor sports, fishing, camping, and so on. It sports a blow-molded structure that gives the natural elements a hard fight. Its rust-resistant and reliable hardware prepare the BMX cooler for the wilderness. Also, the diamond-plated metal insert was an innovative take on extending the cooler’s life. The stainless-steel screws and hinges boost its ruggedness for years of use.

Ice Retention Quality

For a 25-quart cooler box, the Igloo BMX is a robust one. This cooler integrates the Cool Riser technology in its elevated base. It helps retain the temperature inside the compartment. This way your meals stay fresh and your beer – icy cold. Once you pack the cooler with plenty of ice and pinches of rock salt, you can expect it to last up to 4 days. That’s right, the ice retention quality of the Igloo BMX is up to the mark. If you smartly pack the cooler, you can spend days without refilling it with ice blocks.

User-friendly Specs

The first thing we noticed about the 25-quart Igloo BMX is the triple-point handle. It is reinforcing by stainless steel for a strong core.  Since you’ll have to carry the cooler, its handle quality played a significant role as we tested out the cooler. But to our pleasure, we found the handle to be quite sturdy. That’s not all; its rubberized grip felt the best to clasp onto for a long hike up the hills.

And don’t worry, your knuckles won’t go purple with all that weight. The cooler itself is surprisingly lightweight. If you only pack drinks and ice, you won’t be needing an extra pair of hands to carry this cooler to the spot. Although we’ll recommend you to keep any cooler box under a shade, you’ll be glad to know that the Igloo BMX is protected with UV inhibitors. It withstands sun damage.

What we Liked

While the list of camping essentials goes on and on, coolers are undoubtedly one of the first things that cross your mind. Now, if we’re to decide the top 5 camping coolers available right now, the Igloo BMX cooler has a good shot at making it to the list. We loved how well insulated it is.

And as for the Cool Riser, it’s basically an elevated section inside the cooler for promoting faster ice retention. This cooler can easily go for 4 days. The T-latches ensure a tight, flawless closure while the rubberized handle allows a good grip.

Moreover, the skid pads provide more protection to the corners- keeping them free of scratches, collision damage, and discoloration. And lastly, if you’re into fishing, 4 tie-down nibs and a fisher ruler on the cooler lid are the most useful to you.

What We Didn’t Like

As much as we love the Igloo BMX, there are a few things that we thought Igloo could improve. For example, there are no wheels on this portable cooler box. Its hand-held mechanism is not always suitable when the cooler is completely packed to the brim. At times we also felt that the elevated interior design is wasting some space. Not to mention, some might find its pricing a little unreasonable.

Final Words

The Igloo BMX isn’t unlike anything you’ve ever seen. But it’s got all the user-friendly features that you expect in a good cooler. For its size, practicality, and price, the cooler box will cover all the bases and keep your snacky whims satisfied. That is why we think the Igloo BMX 25 is going to be a great fit for you!

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