mPac Military Tactical Backpack Review

Are you looking for a military tactical backpack for the upcoming hiking season?

Because maybe, the backpack that you have is either

  1. Torn out
  2. Sagged up
  3. Your 10-year-old backpack is not living up to your expectations

Either way, You are looking for a new backpack and don’t want you to waste your money on products that won’t last long. Maybe you are looking for suggestions and searching on the web.

Well, Good news if you are surfing here because right now, I will provide you with a review on a backpack, that has successfully lived up to its expectations. I will also touch on its pros and cons.

Read along as I will discuss one of the finest and one of the most heavy-duty military rucksacks out there.

It’s called MPAC tactical military backpack.

I am going to provide you with a short yet descriptive comprehensive and above all 100% honest review about the backpack. So I suggest you go through all of it in order to get an idea before you rush and buy a backpack that won’t fill your needs properly.

Size and Spacing

MPAC tactical military backpack comes in two sizes.

  1. 35L
  2. 41L

Now the size depends on what kind of action you are looking for. It’s totally up to the user of the backpack. It doesn’t matter which size you pick, It all comes with the same amazing features.

The Spacing of this backpack is enormous. More than enough space that you won’t know what you going to do with it. No unnecessary accessories are there that can take extra space.


MPAC tactical military backpack is built to perform at its best. When it comes to military rucksacks, MPAC is what you can rely on to perform to its fullest.

Need a tough backpack to keep up with you as you conquer the outdoors?

The assault mode backpack is designed for action-packed activities such as hiking, camping, hunting, and traveling, and so on and on.

You need to keep your stuff protected from rain, sun, and snow?

Our tactical rucksack is designed to repel water and keep its contents completely safe from the elements. Natures harsh effects don’t matter as these military tactical backpacks withstand even the strongest rough and tough situation.

Need longevity?

Fitted with heavy-duty zippers, POM buckles, and double-stitched 600D high-density fabric, This hiking military backpack is fully capable of weathering extreme punishment daily.

Need extra features and reliability?

Features an extensive storage system can reliably store and carry clothing, your water bottle, flashlight, work shoes, laptop, phone, camping gear, and sleeping bag.

You are still not satisfied? Need reassurance?

If you are not happy with the quality of the military rucksack, let them know right away so they can provide a full purchase refund or product replacement with no questions asked.


Seamless Integration of Molle attachments is one of the best features of this military backpack. Heavy-duty Molle webbing to attach a variety of optional pouches, accessories, and modular tactical gear. So, you can easily expand the storage or customize your backpack for your needs.

The Construction of the backpack is very professional and tactical.

The ventilated mesh padding at the back and on the shoulder straps offers breathable comfort and support. Also, it included an ergonomic hip strap for even weight distribution, so you can carry heavy items for longer periods.

Not to mention, there is enormous space provided in the backpack.

Two main compartments and more front & back bags are large enough to store your tactical gear, outdoor equipment, and everyday items.

Hydration compatible that works great for a hydration bladder

MPAC Molle compatible tactical military backpack is created not only to protect your gear from harsh elements but also to make you comfortable throughout the day.

Whether you are an adventure seeker who loves to explore the outdoors, a member of law enforcement, or simply wants an everyday pack to store all your valuables, our outdoor backpack is designed especially for you.

This tactical military backpack is smartly designed with spacious zippered compartments, padded back and shoulder straps that are made from 600D high density and waterproof fabric with double-stitched zippers and high-quality POM buckles for reliable use and efficiency.

One thing to keep in mind is that Outdoor activities, such as hiking, camping, and trekking expose you to heavy rain, snow, and extreme temperatures. Using an ordinary backpack for carrying your stuff is not a good idea since it won’t offer much protection against the elements.

The last thing you want to happen is your backpack breaking apart while you are out and about, or your stuff getting completely soaked and damaged when you get caught in the rain.

[joomdev-wpc-pros-cons disable_title=”no” wpc_style=”wppc-view1″ title_tag=”H2″ title=”Pros & Cons” pros_title=”Pros” cons_title=”Cons” button_text=”Check Price” disable_button=”no” button_link=”″ button_link_target=”_BLANK” button_rel_attr=”nofollow”][joomdev-wpc-pros]

  • Heavy duty
  • Useful for every occasion.
  • Extra additional features.
  • Extra convenience.
  • Extra comfort.
  • Fitted with sturdy Molle webbing.


  • Sometimes the storage is too large to utilize it properly.
  • No Hydration bladder.


So, would I recommend this backpack to you? The answer is Yes. Now, with that said I must ensure that this backpack is definitely worth the money compared to any other military tactical backpacks out there. So give it a shot a let us know the feedback.

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