Mystery Ranch 3-Day Assault Pack Review

Nothing will be as useful as the Mystery ranch 3-day assault pack when you are looking for something that can carry out all the essential gears for serious outdoor use. The unique design of this backpack will enable you with all your desired features. Besides, its perfection will increase mobility and versatility while you travel. These are the most robust assault packs to cope with every extreme situation of your outdoor camping.

Having the word assault in the title doesn’t mean that the backpack was only made for military purposes. Don’t let that put you off. This particular bag is made to be perfect for different outdoor uses. It comes with an ideal size and lightweight design. As a result, this backpack will be one of the best choices among tactical military backpacks. Well, skip these for now, and let’s take you the review


The Mystery Ranch Company manufactures the product. They have been making various packs and load carriage systems since early 2000. From then, they started to produce different backpacks for military, hunting, and mountaineering use. They managed to make the backpacks extremely durable, and thus they prospered. At present, this travel pack is at the top of the recommendation by most of the users.

The company has added some new features to the current Mystery Ranch 3-day assault pack, which is considered as an upgrade of the old one. These features have made the backpack more versatile and compact for mobility. Let’s discuss them.

Key Features

Durable Construction

The manufacturer company of this backpack has managed to maintain a perfect balance between high tech and classic design details. That’s why they have used the most robust materials along with some latest specs in this backpack. This particular assault pack is made of tough 500 denier Cordura material. As a result, the backpack will be strong enough to carry out all the loads normally for three days. This material also enables the bag with excellent resistance to abrasion. Thus the backpack will be useable for a long time.

High-Quality Zipper and Innovative Design

The mystery ranch 3-day assault pack is featured with YKK brand zippers. Its zip design will allow you to open up the backpack entirely. As a result, you will be able to retrieve your suitable item more conveniently than most other packs. Even you won’t have to remove any gear in order to take out any equipment from the bottom. The zipper comes from a well-known brand, and they make the zipper with a unique structure. The assault pack is featured with a Y shaped design. This innovative design will be much helpful to get quick and easy access to all of your required gears.

Comfortable Shoulder Straps

The straps of this assault pack will offer you a maximum level of comfort. The manufacturer company has featured this backpack with an additional waist hip belt. Even the shoulder straps are made with extra shoulder padding for the enhancement of your comfort zone. Therefore, the assault pack will be comfy enough to wear all day long.

Future Harness System

This backpack offers a secure fit for anyone with their own torso size because of the Future harness system. That means; you won’t have to be tensed about your size and shape while buying this product. It is a unisex backpack that suits all of the users. However, the number of male users is in the majority. In spite of that, the Future harness will make the item fit on the people who have a smaller frame, likewise the women or teenagers with older age.  It will allow them to use the mystery ranch 3-day assault pack comfortably.

Plenty of Exterior Strapping

You will find a bunch of MOLLE straps attached on both the front and side panel of the backpack. These straps are way more useful for attaching some extra gears with an assault pack. By doing that, you will be able to save some spaces inside of the bag. Moreover, it will allow you to keep some essential tools at the reach of your palm. Though the strapping method is common for military use, it will provide plenty of applications to the outdoor enthusiast. Like the conventional one, it also has double side pockets. So, you will be able to reach small items like water packs, snacks, etc. more easily.

Easily Compresses

The backpack, which can be compressed to the preferred size, is essential for many reasons. With the compressible feature, the overall size of the pack can be made more compact. Moreover, it will also allow the user to secure the load inside of the bag. Usually, you will carry some items which can get damaged during the trip. That’s why this assault pack is made to be compressed easily for preventing damage to the things that you carry. The compression feature will not only enhance the compatibility and mobility but also enable the user to carry the bag more comfortably.  Most of the users find the problem of jostling of gears inside of their backpack while hiking. As a result, they will have to put in the maximum amount of effort to compensate. The compression straps will be an appropriate solution to get rid of this problem.

Lightweight Design

Even though the assault pack comes with a durable construction, the weight of this pack is relatively light. That’s why most of the users love to carry this backpack for hunting, wildland fire, mountaineering field and even for military use.

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  • Made of tough materials (500 denier Cordura)
  • Three MOLLE rows for easy strapping
  • Triple Internal sleeves
  • Additional ports for radio and antenna
  • Velcro panel for patches
  • Waist belt with comfortable design
  • YKK brand zippers
  • Y shape with three zip design that entirely opens the bag
  • Lightweight


  • The waist belt can’t support the excessive load
  • After extreme use, materials may be found lacking slightly.


Final Verdict

The original purpose of this pack is clear now, but it doesn’t stop the backpack from being an ideal one to use every day. There are a considerable number of customers who would love to have a military look. The Mystery Ranch 3-day assault pack comes with all the required features, which make it great for traveling both local and global. In conclusion, it will be a fantastic choice for traveling, hiking, military, or even sports.

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