Places to Travel in 2019

Seize some time from your busy schedule, pack your bag and go somewhere that you’ll never forget. In the journey of our life, it is important to go to some new place at least once in a while. This outing can introduce you to the utmost happiness and experience. At this time, we are on the skyline of an outgoing year and an upcoming new one. The upcoming year is going to be the year of joy and success. So it is the high time to select the places and deciding to travel there in 2019.

Last month of the year is the perfect time for arranging the schedule for the upcoming year. So it is high time now to choose the perfect place to visit in 2019. But you may be stuck somewhere while selecting the right spot better suited for you as the world is full of interesting places.  Well, here the list is being squeezed into some trending places that surpass the demand of others.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

If you are a “Rugby lover”, then Tokyo is the place for you in 2019 as they are going to host Rugby World Cup 2019. If you’re planning to attend the world cup 2019, then you can put some extra in your bag too!

Although In most cases Tokyo is acquainted for its high-tech environment and skyscrapers, it is still a place of interest according to its art and fashion. The nearby places in Tokyo like Yanaka, Nezu Shrine, Hiroo, Yayoi Kusama Museum, Harajuku and Tsukiji Honganji Temple are worth visiting while you’re in Japan. You can affix more fun and excitement to your world cup travel if you consider visiting those places.

  1. Matera, Italy

Italy’s southern city Matera was known as an exoteric place for cave dwellings. Over the years this place wasn’t friendly enough for living. But recent initiatives from Italian entrepreneurs turn this inhabitable place into some awesome dwellings, hotels, B&BS, and restaurants that caught our attention after a long time. This revolution of Matera made this cave-city as a World Heritage by UNESCO. In 2014, it was declared that Matera will be the proud host for “European Capital of Culture” in the following year, 2019. This is the place where attention from the whole world will be paid throughout the year. So this ancient cave-city in Italy can be your travel destination in 2019 where you can get the unique and exciting experience of cave dwelling and much more.

  1. Namibia

The 27 years old nation is now becoming a trending place to visit. With a thrilling experience and awesome wildlife view, this Southwest African nation would be the excellent pick in 2019. Namibia is the trending spot for them who love to have some unique and exceptional thrilling experience. Wildlife safari, Namib-Naukluft Park, Epupa Falls, Sand Hill, majestic Fish River Canyon Park, Sandstone plateau of red rock are must-visit spots in Namibia. As it was a German colonial, a lot of historic places are established there too. So the upcoming year can be the year of exploring a new level of adventure in Namibia with its nature, history, and culture.

  1. Singapore

Celebrating their bicentennial of founding as a nation, Singapore can be the place of attraction in the upcoming year 2019. In the middle of the year, glorious Raffles Singapore one of the iconic hotels will reopen after a long restoration procedure. Also after the remarkable success of “Crazy Rich Asian”, Singapore can be an exciting destination for a travel enthusiast. You can start your upcoming traveling year with the unique experience of the finest Ferris wheel on the Singapore Flyer.

  1. Agra, India

Taj Mahal, the historic place of love located in Agra, India. This is the place where Mughal Emperor, ‘Shah Jahan’ built the mausoleum as the sepulcher of his felicitated wife. This glorious place is called the Jewel of Muslim Art. In 2019 Taj Mahal will appear after a year-long restoration process. You can experience the Taj’s beauty with all its glory if you plan to visit there within March and November.

Traveling to new places every year is a great habit. When you intend to pursue the world, what option can you find rather than traveling? Exploring new places, you can learn more than you ever could by reading. Because books describe & reflect the ways & laws of nature, but traveling takes you right to it. In addition, traveling also has its health benefits. So jump from your couch and give yourself a treat by traveling. These places mentioned above are going to be the ideal spot for visiting in 2019. So get your portmanteau packed, and prepare yourself for the upcoming adventure!


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