Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack Review [LargE]

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A high-quality, comfortable, and durable backpack is one of the most important parts of your outdoor gear when traveling or camping. You need a good backpack that can hold your stuff together and still feel comfortable on your back and shoulders. In this review, we look at the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack’s key features and other benefits that make this tactical backpack one of the best options on the market today.


If you are in the market for a professionally designed and reliable backpack, this Red Rock backpack is definitely your best choice. It is made for both the casual hiker and the serious backpacker. It comes in a good size to carry all your essentials when traveling or spending a weekend hiking and trekking.

The Red Rock backpack comes with four expanding compartments that give you ample storage of up to 36 liters.

It also features high-quality, smooth zippers and organizers available in 3 larger compartments. The back panel can comfortably accommodate a 2.5-liter hydration bladder, although the bladder is not included in the purchase.

The Red Rock outdoor gear assault pack can easily be adjusted for a secure fit and comfort. It features well-padded shoulder straps and both sternum and waist straps for better weight distribution.

Another great thing about this Red Rock large assault backpack is its MOLLE webbing straps that provide more customization options according to your individual needs.

The molle webbing allows you to attach extra gear or pouches to the backpack easily. Keep in mind that this is an innovatively designed product from Red Rock, a leading name in the outdoor backpack industry.

Key Features and Benefits of the Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault Pack

Red Rock has definitely over-delivered in terms of features in this outdoor military-style backpack. Here are some of its cool features:

Generously Padded Mesh Ventilated Back Panel and Velcro Top Closure

Comfort is a key consideration when shopping for the best backpack. The Red Rock backpack has addressed the comfort issue with meshed padded Velcro top closure to keep you comfortable when using the backpack. The shoulder straps also feature comfortable padding and are adjustable for a perfect fit.

600D Polyester for Maximum Durability

The Red Rock tactical military backpack is made from 600D PVC lined polyester, which is strong and extremely durable. Polyester is a high-quality, strong, and durable material. It will take a really long time before you think of replacing this backpack. It has a solid design for maximum durability. Polyester has a comfortable feel too.

Large 2-Liter Capacity

The Red Rock tactical backpack might appear small when not in use, but its 2-liter external organizer pocket is large enough to carry most of the items you need when you hit the great outdoors.

This backpack has four expanding compartments. In total, it gives you up to 35 liters of storage. To organize your stuff more efficiently and provide more space, the backpack’s compartments are internally divided into more sections.

You can carry plenty of stuff with this backpack. Each compartment has a secure inner lining to ensure that your precious and delicate items remain safe at all times.

4 Easy to Expand and Compress Straps

The Red Rock backpack has four easily adjustable straps. You can compress or expand the straps to suit your needs.

The overall design of the backpack straps provides better weight distribution around your body. You can compress the backpack using the straps when you do not have a bulky load and expand it to accommodate more stuff. Strap expansion and compression are key things to look for in a backpack, especially for those who regularly carry heavy loads.

The backpack also features a reinforced carrying handle as well as adjustable waist and sternum straps. The shoulder straps are easily adjustable and come with extra storage space with D-rings.

Molle Webbing for Easy and Secure Attachment of Additional Pouches

The Red Rock outdoor gear assault backpack features molle webbing that you can use to attach additional pouches to the backpack securely. The molle webbing comes in handy when you want to add more easily accessible pouches to the backpack and increase storage space.


  • The Red Rock backpack provides enough storage to carry essential items you need when traveling
  • It has a comfortable design
  • Solid, durable construction using high-quality polyester
  • Molle webbing for attaching additional pouches and bags
  • It comes with an organizer
  • Superior quality compression straps
  • Smooth and quiet zippers
  • You can easily compress or expand the backpack
  • Well-padded for comfort


  • The backpack is designed for individuals of average height. Tall people will need to adjust the backpack for a comfortable fit
  • The Red Rock backpack is perfect for a weekend of hiking and trekking, but not for those who travel heavily in rugged terrains.

Final Verdict

Quality, space, and comfort are some of the key issues you need when shopping for the best backpack. The Red Rock Outdoor Gear Assault backpack comes with all the important features you need in a backpack for a weekend of hiking or trekking.

Most of its innovative features and overall design have sufficiently addressed the question of comfort and space. You’ll definitely love the molle webbing throughout the backpack that allows you to attach more gear and pouches to the backpack for extra storage.

With four storage compartments, compression straps, and a 2.5-liter storage compartment for your hydration bladder, the Red Rock backpack doesn’t disappoint.

It has a solid, durable build and provides expandable storage to suit your needs for space. It does deliver value for money in terms of quality, performance, and durability.

A majority of verified customers who bought this Red Rock backpack expressed satisfaction with its overall design, well-padded straps, molle webbing, and adjustability. If you are looking for a durable, innovatively designed backpack, you won’t go wrong with this Red Rock tactical military backpack.

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