Sleeping in a Hammock with a Partner

Camping is without a doubt one of the most fun-filled activities you can do as a couple.

Imagine waking up being embraced into the arms of your love, the sun shining brightly, the morning breeze wafting away all your troubles – giving you the most soothing feeling there is.

If you’re an avid camper and have experiences of sleeping in a hammock with a partner, you already know that what we’ve mentioned above rarely turns into reality.

However, you don’t need to sulk over your ultimate relationship goal not coming true anymore – because we’ve come up with the perfect idea for you.

Not only we’re going to provide you the best methods on how to lay in a hammock with someone but also going to mention the advantages and disadvantages associated with them.

Sleeping in a Hammock with a Partner: Why you should Try This.

Although sleeping together during hikes can be a nightmare to most, there are a lot of things you can do to make your experience a memorable one. And we couldn’t think of a better way to get more intimate with your significant other, sleeping underneath a sky full of stars!

Here are some reasons why you should try it out in the first place


One of the best things about sleeping together all cuddled up in a hammock is the sense of being together you’ll definitely experience. Sure, a little more room wouldn’t hurt – but you have your proper sized comfy bed on the house for that.

If you can enjoy sleeping with your arms wrapped around your love(and vice-versa), you’ll never want to let go!

Carry Less Stuff

If you’re sleeping in separate hammock beds while camping, then you have to carry one ( with rain tarps ) for each person. However, if you’re sleeping together – you’ll be saving a lot of space, especially in winter!


Speaking of winter, I think this alone is one of the reasons you should definitely learn how to sit in a two-person hammock. When it’s freezing out there at night, make sure you’re both cuddled up inside a sleeping bag. Trust me, need and appreciate the warmth.

However, the same thing can be a bit of an issue when your adventure is in the summer and it’s 100 degrees outside.

The Best Methods How to Lay in a Hammock with Someone

Now that we’ve covered why double hammock-ing is a good idea, let’s move on to the how-to. There are a number of methods you follow to make your experience worth it. No matter the type of sleeper you might be, the below methods will contain one that’s perfect for you.

Using a Double Hammock

One of the best and simple solutions are using double hammocks to sleep in. There are a lot of companies that make hammocks for two – but they are often used by a single person as well. If you want to sleep together feeling the touch and warmth of your spouse – this can be an effective solution.


Less Baggage – When you are sleeping in a single place, you’ll have to carry fewer things. Saves time as well.

Reasonable – This is a very reasonable and feasible solution for a camping trip, especially if you’re beginners

Romantic – Sleeping under stars with the love of your life in your arms? It doesn’t get any cuter than this!


Insulation – Proper insulation is a must when you’re sleeping out in the wild. Sometimes it gets a bit tough to find a proper sleeping pad that will cover two people.

Low Capacity – Weird as it sounds, most double air beds have the same threshold for the mass of people (around 400lbs) which can pose huge problems for larger people.

Not Exactly Roomy – It’s a known fact that sleeping in a hammock doesn’t give you a lot of room. If you always need your own space to sleep, this might not be the best solution for you.

Setting up Side-by-Side Hammocks

how to lay in a hammock with someone side by side

If you’re not ‘cuddly sleepers’ like Ross & Rachel, then this will definitely be one of the best ways to sleep while camping. This may even be the BEST!

While you can’t exactly cuddle and sleep in this method, you can easily stay close to each other – enough to hold hands and have a nice moments together.


Close Enough – Even though you won’t be close enough for snuggling, you can still be pretty close to each other.

Easy to Set up – Setting up two hammocks using a side-by-side tandem system is fairly easy. You can easily use one of Eno’s spreader bars to set up.

Enough Room – You’ll have enough space to yourself for a comfortable sleep.

Relatively Low Cost – If you already have a set of camping gear for one, you can buy another easily. Even different types of hammock will do the job as well. And if you already two hammocks, then a simple spreader bar will be enough.


Extra Baggage – Probably the only issue regarding this method is the extra luggage you have to carry, especially during winter.

Hanging Vertically: How to Sit in a Two Person Hammock Vertically

how to sit in a two person hammock vertically

Another way to sleep in is by setting up your gears vertically. However, this method contains a lot of potential risks and should be used with caution. Make absolutely sure that the straps are tight.


Can be Set up in a Narrow Area – You can use this method in closed quarters, just need two trees to tie the anchors. You can also do it within a short period of time.

No Additional Tool Required – You don’t need anything but your trusty old hammocks.


Risky – The main reason we don’t recommend this method is the risk associated with it. While it’s fairly safe when you’ve set up only two beds, hanging more than two at a single point increases the risk significantly – especially for the people bunking on top.

Therefore, even if you decide to hang your hammocks vertically, we recommend setting them up at a safe falling height.

Hassle – It’s not fun to climb onto a bed when it has been set up at a height beyond your reach.

Going an Extra Mile: How to Sit in a Two Person Hammock Using Tree Tent Hammock

how to sit in a two person hammock Using a Tree Tent Hammock

If you have no problem spending a few extra bucks to ensure comfort for yourselves, perhaps you should browse the Tentsile store. They are renowned for their unique products – especially for the Tree Tents & Giant Hammocks. If you’re looking for a night filled with romance and comfort, then this might be the ultimate solution for you. Some examples of Tentsile Hammock Tents are here.


Super Sturdy- One of the unique features of Tentsile products are the anchor points. While most hammocks have only two, Tentsile uses three anchor points making their product strong, stable & comfortable!

Higher Weight Capacity – They have a higher weight threshold ranging from 500lbs to almost 900lbs.

Everything Included – If you decide to purchase a ‘Tree Tent’ from Tentsile, you’ll have everything you’ll ever need during camping including a bug net & rain tarp.

Very Spacious – It may not be a queen-sized bed, but these hammocks relatively have a lot of room making them comfier for all kinds of people. They even have tents that can hold up to 6 persons.


Quite Heavy – With all the accessories that they come with, Tentsile products add extra weight and can be difficult to move if you don’t have a car.

Expensive – These are quite expensive and aren’t suitable for beginners who are just thinking about camping.

Additionals Tips to Help you Sleep Better

Have a Roof Over your Head

Make sure you have a rain tarp or rain fly close to protect yourself, especially from rain or dew on cool nights. Also, a rain fly comes in really handy when you’re in the midst of birds.

Proper Insulation

When you want to camp in nature, make sure to have proper insulation if you want to avoid issues in the middle of the night. Instead of a frail piece of fabric – use air mattresses or double sleeper bags for couples. Under quilts will work as well.

Hammock Stands

These types of stands can make the setup process easier. Although they can be a pain to carry around, they come in really handy when you have trouble finding options to ties the straps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cuddle in a hammock?

Of course, you can!!! In fact, hammocks are one of the most romantic places for cuddling as well as enhancing the intimacy with your partner. Just make sure that the Hammock you are using is strong and specious enough. We’d recommend double hammocks.

Is it bad to sleep in hammocks?

The answer depends on a lot of factors, but sleeping in a hammock can be even healthier in some cases. If you’re having back problems, use a pillow or a rolled-up towel underneath to protect your back.

What type of hammock is best for sleeping?

While there are many brands available in the market, you should opt for the wider ones. While you can sleep in a single hammock, you would be more comfortable using one made for two.

Final Thoughts

Sleeping in a hammock with a partner can be one of the best experiences of your life. If you’re looking to have a romantic time and budget is not an issue, then we would recommend going for a Tentsile product. Otherwise, the best alternative solution is using a double hammock. Cheers!

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